The Wise Auld Fox

Discussion in 'Manchester United: History' started by Dark Savante, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Re: The Wise Old Fox

    A good read, thanks D.S.

    There are also many interesting stories like how S.A.F. and his players conspired to inflict psychological distraction against the opponent.
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    Re: The Wise Old Fox

    Good read. :)

    I remember that 87/88 season so clearly now. It's the first full season I really remember supporting United even though I'd been to a couple of games beforehand... when they won the league , i remember my eldest brother Mike telling me we'd never win the title in our lifetimes. I absolutely idolised Mike and took everything he said to be definitive, so i immediately burst into tears. heh heh. :D I also remember running around the house doing happy dances when Arsenal won the league next year, i'd grown so tired of the Scousers, even at only 9/10, that anybody else winning the league was something to celebrated.

    I also remember now very clearly that 2-0 loss at Anfield in '92 that made it certain we wouldn't win the league, I wasn't there, i was at home with mam while my brothers and dad had gone... Mike wouldn't talk to anybody for a couple of days after that and I remembered what he'd said from 88 then and was convinced of the statement's truth... Needless to say after our start to the next season, I was even more pessimistic... the rest as they say is history. Silly me, What do I know!

    I still remember being there for the game against Blackburn when we lifted the trophy and thinking to myself that if it was the only league we won, I'd still always love Fergie. I was talking about to hubby the other day and he said it was much the same for him and the other lads he went to United with...Great memories from that day, met Sir Matt for the only time that day. :)
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    Re: The Wise Old Fox

    How about another installment, DS? :)
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    Re: The Wise Old Fox

    Hear, hear!

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