The Two Leg Analysis of Hoffenheim-Liverpool match

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    Aug 30, 2016
    NEW piece for The two leg analysis of Liverpool-Hoffenheim from Champions League.

    Basic shape: 1st half 1st leg

    Hoffenheim press the touchline

    'Hole' within Hoffenheim's press

    Prior to Liverpool's 1st goal

    Basic shape from the second half of the 2nd leg

    (Again) Emre Can free

    Hoffenheim bypass Liverpool's 1st pressing line

    Liverpool's wide dynamic of attack​
    For full version of the analysis piece, please visit

    Thank you for reading.
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    Hoffenheim, Colloge and Hertha, that are rubbish clubs, they always were and will ever be. Not to speak of Freiburg who did no even make the EL qualification. No analysis is needed, they are just pathetic sh*t clubs

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