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    So here a special thread for Ruud Gullit (and @Wiliam Felipe Gracek ) to include all that is specifically related to this, in his time, cultural icon (in all honesty I say I am personally not his biggest fan though I'd have him in the 3rd to 9th group of his country). In order to not further clog this thread, I'd like to invite @Wiliam Felipe Gracek to post here every game that he likes or other things he finds noteworthy. The video @PDG1978 asked for to translate I'll do later.

    Shoot! player of the season for 1996 (25 may 1996)
    (picture doesn't load?)

    Although he was in the PFA team of the year, he was not on the shortlist. Some journalists (Neil Harman of Daily Mail) wondered whether jealousy had something to do with it. Brian Glanville commented:

    "Perhaps the most significant news last week was that the short-list for PFA's player doesn't include Ruud Gullit. Watching Gullit's magical at Stamford Bridge against Manchester City, his glorious display, despite the flu, away to Wimbledon, you marvelled at the sublime amalgam of power and grace, the two complemented by blazing intelligence. And Gullit doesn't make the short-list!"

    His very last official game as a professional footballer is incidentally on Youtube (28 january 1998).

    Later on he played a friendly with Newcastle against Reading, but that was not official of course.

    "Irked players by pulling his boots on in a friendly at Reading as he tried to show players 'how it's done'. On the day Gullit shocked the players to pull on his boots, Nolberto Solano said: "That was a crazy moment. Even the players who didn't play couldn't believe it. We knew he was a good player but we needed management at that time."

    The Athletic:
    "Pearce, Barnes, Philippe Albert, Lee and Shearer were, in Gullit’s eyes, too old for the Premier League and, says Barton, he “ostracised” each of them in turn.
    Gullit’s swagger as a player had not diminished in retirement. “During a pre-season game at Reading (in July 1999), we were bloody awful,” Barton says. “We couldn’t do anything right. At half-time, he told Tommo (Ray Thompson, the kitman) to give him someone’s boots. He came on and was phenomenal, the best player on the pitch. But that wasn’t what that squad needed; we needed to be managed.”
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    Okay, in order to translate what he says there it is necessary to paraphrase what the narrator says.

    - When Gullit moved to PSV he had two specific requests. Playing in white shorts and deep nets in the goal. "When the net is deep enough the goalkeeper needs time to collect the ball out of the net. It provides the feeling [for him? for the keeper?] the ball really went into the goal."

    Near the end of the video it shows a second quote. This time in a Chelsea shirt. I know which game that is. It is a 1995 friendly against Feyenoord. He says there: "Feyenoord is the most important club for me, still".

    This is an even better video btw;

    Some background can be found in the newspaper archives (both articles are from 1995);

    "Of the Dutch clubs, Gullit took Feyenoord's interest most seriously. It is common knowledge that coach Willem van Hanegem and Gullit get along very well. When it became clear that Gullit could not play in his beloved position as the last man for the Rotterdam team - Ronald Koeman was recruited for that - interest waned. At Chelsea that possibility was there."
    (honestly, Koeman did quite well and Feyenoord reached the semi finals of the Cup Winners Cup for example)

    Gullit receives more applause than Feyenoord
    From one of our reporters ROTTERDAM - Feyenoord is very keen to rival Ajax in the new football season. A foretaste was given on Saturday against Chelsea (1-0). In words, that worked quite well.

    There was plenty of verbal violence towards the capital. The speaker could not get enough of emphasizing that the number of visitors to the open day (48,000) had not been achieved at other places. And Koos Postema was hired to deliver a few insults to Amsterdam at the tribute to Ruud Gullit, who has started his umpteenth new football life at Chelsea. Much to the delight of the 32,400 spectators. Now there wasn't much need for that. The Rotterdam audience itself had already warmly welcomed the star with a standing ovation. The 1984 championship, won with Gullit and Cruijff, had not yet been forgotten. A stark contrast to the flute concerts that descended on Gullit last season in Amsterdam. As a 'thank you' for his behavior in the Oranje training camp, which he had left shortly before the World Cup. The tone in De Kuip had been set. Gullit, visibly moved by the enthusiastic welcome, went even further: “Feyenoord has always been a fantastic club for me and it will always remain my club. At Feyenoord I was given the opportunity to develop into a great football player, I left the club as a great player” said Gullit, who received a stadium card for life. Gullit therefore received more applause than Feyenoord's game.

    I think he had always a soft spot for Feyenoord and some of their players (and was at best neutral towards Ajax) but became a 'fan' when he played there and he had/has especially a good connection with Van Hanegem (who was then in 1982 assistant-manager and coach). I think there have been some minor things too. For example he was once banned for six European Cup games by UEFA, while still playing in 'Holland', and he felt let down by the KNVB administrators and the other clubs.

    In March this year he said: "I am still a supporter of Feyenoord. I follow Feyenoord. I want them to win. I do things for them. That feeling will always remain. Feyenoord has also played such an important role in my life. Feyenoord has shaped me and made my life easier. My years at the club made me complete. Many people think that I hate Ajax, but that is not the case. I just have some difficulty with their way of thinking. They have an attitude: without bluff, life is dull. That is typical of Ajax. The audience really thinks: only Ajax is able to entertain us. Well, I'll say it honestly: when Feyenoord became champions last year, and Ajax started so poorly this season, I enjoyed that for a while. At my gym, almost all of them are for Ajax. It was suddenly wonderfully quiet. Everyone was acting normal again. I made some jokes with my friends and acquaintances who are for Ajax. Then I called and cheerfully asked: 'it doesn't go so well, does it...' Wonderful!"
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    For me, in my way of seeing football, Ruud Gullit was the only player in the world to be much more complete than Diego Armando Maradona at his peak and he proved it on the field against Maradona in All matches between them in Italy . For example, in the 1987/88 season, Diego Armando Maradona was still at the heighter of his career and was certainly the top goalscorer in the Italian Championship with 15 goals and in the Coppa Italia with 6 goals. He was very unlucky to face Real Madrid in the old European Cup in the first round in 1987/88 .....Real madrid ( Butragueno and Hugo Sanchez), so Gullit was the only player who proved to be much more complete than Diego Armando Maradona in All the aspects of the game in field . But unfortunately Gullit was injured while playing the peak of his entire career... he was already injured in the decisive games against Real Madrid and Steuau Bucharest in 1989 Champions league .But... whoever actually saw...several entire matches of Ruud Gullit mainly from 1986 to 1989 knows what I'm talking about . Ruud Gullit was the most of Total Footballers at that time . ! really who saw knows it ! after all .
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    I don't think I've ever seen the page showing him as Shoot magazine Player of the Year for 1995/96 Puck (is it another one of those 'Most Exciting Player' reader's votes maybe, or the choice of the editorial team?).

    I guess you do mean Shoot and not Match anyway, though as we saw and discussed on your English 1st Division/Premier League thread he had Match's highest average rating (and a complimentary write-up) among Premier League players with at least around 60%+ games played (but actually although that would historically mean a Matchman of the Season award, it seems that Albert of Newcastle was awarded that with more around the 50% mark for games played that time, for his even higher average rating with them).
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    .................. The first video on dribbling skills of Ruud Gullit at You Tube ...

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    I'd agree he was definitely one of the world's best players between 1985 and 1988 (even if in 1986-87 he had also some minor problems). He was also strong again between 1990 and 1992 for Milan, slightly underappreciated nowadays. Some Italian publications still rated him very highly. I also agree with your earlier comment he had some impressive and consequential Oranje games pre-euro88 - compared to what came later it has become totally erased from history.

    In 1993-94 he was likely the best player of Serie A, finishing 3rd (and Coppa Italia, which he won). I have to say some of the gaps to #2 look suspicious but I'd argue it was then when Serie A was at its very peak and not around 1985 or so. Btw, also Bergkamp played very well against him (and consistently against mighty AC Milan for sure!)

    The most underrated is probably 1994-95. Excluding penalties the scorer table looks like this:

    Batistuta - 18
    Balbo - 17
    Rizzitelli - 17
    Tovalieri - 16
    Vialli -16
    Simone - 15
    Signori - 14
    Ravanelli - 13
    Zola - 13
    Gullit - 12

    Add in the assists and he finishes at least in the top three, behind one or two (three?) strikers. He had a great game in the super cup for example. He didn't always play as a forward or attacking midfielder either.

    In the other thread I see you see not Rijkaard at that level; I'd say Rijkaard was very consistent (the most of all Dutch players of that generation) between 1985 (maybe 1984) and 1995. Also the most consistent in a national team shirt. Rijkaard himself admitted indeed he had occasional concentration and application problems before ~1984. Rijkaard was very impressive in 1994-95 (assist in the CL final!) and outplayed Maldini in every match I'd say.

    I'd have Cruijff as #1, Van Basten #2 and Gullit then in a group with Wilkes, Van Hanegem, Rensenbrink, Rijkaard, Bergkamp, Robben. But each to his own.


    Gullit is a cheerful presence but as a pundit he is a bit too critical. Yes, Cruijff could be critical too, but also very enthusiastic and yet analytical. Around 2003 he was enthusiastic about Raul, about Bergkamp, about a very young Kompany etc.

    Some of his comments about players like Van Dijk and F. de Jong (who sadly cannot play) I don't like (there are parts in below article I don't like either or are off the mark, anyway).

    The Virgil van Dijk Paradox: A legend at Liverpool, divisive in the Netherlands
    A popular Chinese proverb in the Netherlands is, “the higher the tree, the stronger the wind.” In football terms, this has equated to Van Dijk receiving the most criticism. Supposedly, it doesn’t overly affect him — he accepts that it goes with the territory and is conscious that even the country’s most famous footballer, Johan Cruyff, was not immune.
    Ruud Gullit piled in with his own observations, suggesting flatly: “He thinks he’s better than the rest…” Like when it was claimed that nobody could dribble past him, these opinions from hugely successful and respected figures were presented as fact, greatly influencing general opinion.

    Fact is, he was very important when Barcelona won the league last year. He always plays when he is fit. And also plays when he is not fit (with now the consequences). Barcelona missed him greatly this year. I'd like it if Rudie Dil is a bit more balanced about players who are not entirely in his class. He is giving him now the Seedorf treatment - don't cry when this all ends up in tears.

    'Virgil van Dijk gets the Seedorf treatment and that is strange'

    With Gullit in a starring role.
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    .................. I guess that Ruud Gullit were 6 assists in 1994/95 season : 5 assists for Sampdoria and 1 assist for AC Milan

    ! more or less it on my review from this whole season 1994/95 . !
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    What are your numbers for each of the seasons? Just curious.
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    In the initial years of Ruud Gullit's career at HFC Haarlem in the Netherlands, I really don't know the full numbers from him in that time. In these initial years, there is really very little information and images about these years. But above all, I have an estimate that is at least very close to reality. In the Dutch series B championship in 1980/81 season... on TransferMarkt they only put 6 direct assists. But there is certainly a lack of direct and indirect assists as well i mean ( is lacking ) ... I believe by estimate to be something around 12 assists or 14 assists (including indirect assists too) in 36 matches. !
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    .............. in the next season ... has the famous goal from him in career !

    ............In the 1981–82 season, Gullit was in fine form as Haarlem finished fourth and qualified for Europe for the only time in their history. In that same season, Gullit scored the goal he would later consider his finest: "Playing against Utrecht I went past four defenders and then the goalkeeper, and scored. It was an unforgettable goal for me."[13] Barry Hughes was so impressed with the young Gullit that he described him as the "Dutch Duncan Edwards".[12]

    He played 31 matches... 14 goals .. around 10 assists more or less it at Eredivisie . ! 1981/82

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    ..............Afterwards, it becomes much easier to discover or find assistances (passtotheGoal). We have many more images at our disposal in general or articles available on the Internet. !

    including indirect assists too ! ..............
    Indirect assists were computed at this time by the Eredivisie and by the Italian Championship Calcio Serie A also at the time. For example in the final table of the best passers in the championship were computed . i have as an example Michel Platini .

    ...........For Feyenoord years at Eredivisie . !

    1982/83 15 assists
    1983/84 22 assists
    1984/85 8 assists

    ............For Psv

    1985/86 17 assists

    1986/87 19 assists or more Is missing the game between PSV 7 x 3 Den Haag home game may (month) in the Marc's gallery games .. is lacking this game . for sure .

    ............ Ac Milan

    1987/88 10 assists
    1988/89 7 assists

    89/90 injured none

    .. 1990/91 4 assists

    ....1991/92 10 assists

    ....1992/93 4 assists

    for Sampdoria

    1993/94 13 assists

    for Sampdoria and AC Milan

    1994/95 6 assists

    for Chelsea

    1995/96 5 assists !
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    Thank you. Trachta10 had this down at 7 assists and he tends to be on the low side as you said. I think he had nine but fair enough. Also with your count he bumps up in the Serie A scorers list.

    I found some interesting material. It is from when in 1985-86 he was footballer of the year by both the media and players. I think this was his best season when playing here (not because of the awards, but really because it was). To be continued.
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    When he received the 1985-86 footballer of the year double. Although it is merely an award show (show within a show, to be correct), I think it has nevertheless some intriguing bits.

    At the sidelines PSV manager Hans Kraaij sr., a sympathetic man, later also a good pundit, receives a question. On that Gullit played second half up front and first half in defense. Kraaij sr. answers he had injuries with Ivan Nielsen and Frank Arnesen. "There are injured players. Nielsen is injured, Arnesen injured. He is very versatile. He has played at the back, last half hour at the front. But it is my intention to play him more advanced in the future."

    As Gullit walks off the field he says "normally I don't take penalties, but was asked to do it." (the penalty vs Borussia Monchengladbach went in). This is actually right. In his whole career, excluding shoot-outs, he scored four penalties.

    The man who interviews him is, incidentally, above mentioned Koos Postema (now 92 years old and still alive). This television host is also from Rotterdam and leaning to Feyenoord as well. He's best known for being part of the so called 'red family', the social-democratic broadcaster. He maintains he still is. But this as footnote.

    "I found the match tense, yes. It could have been better for us. I find we didn't play well but it is for me the first important testcase, to see where I stand."

    "The organization was not good. I had to organize it better. It is for the first time in a while, new season, that I had to play last man. I only heard it on the evening the day before. Can do better."

    In the public was also FIFA president Havelange. Surprise? Maybe not. Havelange his father was (French speaking) Belgian, he had a house there and Eindhoven is not too far away.

    Then his manager at Haarlem (which does not exist any more, see here and here for background) says some things.
    (edit: picture doesn't load :mad: - it is a World Soccer cover, may 1996, with Gullit on it and 'The Haarlem globetrotter' as title)

    Barry Hughes is asked 'how did you see Gullit his talent?'. "I saw Ruud when he was 14 years old at DWS and a year later I made work to bring him to Haarlem. We had enormous competition from Ajax, Feyenoord, almost any club in the Netherlands and also beyond the borders. It was I think just the conviction, the force in myself to say 'Ruud it is better to begin at Haarlem, good schooling, in the first team at 15 and the big clubs will come eventually'. I think I was right. I must say Ruud had a very good beginning. I know the first time he played, aged 16 against the Dutch amateur team, the Dutch olympic team, and he was brilliant. But I must say it took effort to bring him to Haarlem."

    'What did you learn him at Haarlem?' "Well, learned... when he came to me he was incredibly young. It was important to let him develop in all tranquility. Rudie had all qualities of a great footballer. The most important was the right mentality and the right attitude. For that it was important to come to Haarlem, a club let we say not always in the sub-top, often at the bottom. In the sub-top he had guys around him who didn't tolerate talk and chattery. They knew precisely how to deal with him. For Rudie that was important and I was sometimes tough at the beginning. Relaxed boy, life is nice, all comes good. I took him to school, the HAVO. I said 'you have to finish your diplomas, if you break your leg, in case something happens'. Through the board and myself we swayed the school to bring him to the HAVO. His dad was very happy I was so concerned, his father was school teacher at the Trade School. I tried to nurture that direction, not only to take care of football but also education."

    'What do you think Ruud misses right now in his game?' "In my eyes he misses nothing, seriously. Each has their own perception but I have always been a fan of Rudie. He has made such strides over the year, with the help of trainers and better teams and team-mates of course. Rudie just had it, Rudie is a street footballer, Rudie loves football. When I saw him at 14 years old at DWS he was always busy, everywhere. I know I went to his house. I was often at his home. I was screaming because Ajax rang the doorbell, I was upstairs and said to mrs. Gullit 'say nothing, don't give away'. Mrs. Gullit agreed. And Rudie comes towards us from the streets, was playing football with Rijkaard, after the organized match on the field. He is a street footballer, developed himself, with help from others, blissful guy, good and cheerful mentality, good character. Now at PSV he is universal footballer of the year, but this is not the end of the story."
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    Television show called 'Showbizzquiz', broadcast 13 april 1985 but recorded earlier. Part with Gullit starts at 8:40. This section is also used in above linked video. Gullit was then recovering from a torn ankle and had a brace around his foot. First the background below, then the video.

    3 march 1985:
    "Ruud Gullit is temporarily inactive. Today he was operated on in a hospital in Rotterdam for a torn ankle ligament. The Feyenoord player thinks he will be out of action for five to six weeks. Gullit sustained the injury during training last Friday. He received a kick in the ankle, which immediately became swollen. X-rays at the hospital showed that there was no fracture. The rupture was discovered during this week. In consultation with Feyenoord's medical staff, it was decided to operate on Gullit as quickly as possible, so that he may be able to experience the end of the season. In any case, Gullit is not available for the important matches of the Dutch national team in the qualifying round for the world championship tournament against Austria and Hungary."

    9 april 1985:
    From our Telesport editorial team ROTTERDAM, Tuesday Ruud Gullit will be released from the cast on his operated left ankle on April 22. However, it will still take a few weeks before the international makes his return to Feyenoord. "When the plaster is off," said Gullit, "I will be fitted with a special shoe. It should speed up the healing process. Perhaps I can still play one or two games this season."

    25 may 1985:
    From our sports editorial team ROTTERDAM — Ruud Gullit, already signed by PSV for next season, has to go under the knife again. The Feyenoord international, who has barely recovered from ankle surgery, has spared his injured left foot so much that a splinter in his right ankle joint has broken off. Gullit, medically cleared by PSV, is experiencing a lot of irritation from the new injury. The attacker has already had photos taken of his ankle in the hospital. Feyenoord club doctor Van den Bosch is still consulting with Gullit when the operation is desired.

    Guests, four women, can guess who is inside the box. At a certain point they know it is a sporter. Johan Cruijff is the first sporter and footballer mentioned. Marco Been [sic] the second guess. It's a portmanteau of Marco [van Basten] and [Mario] Been. Then Johan Neeskens, Simon Tahamata, concluded with Ruud Gullit, the correct guess.

    'Is everything alright with you? I see you have matched your brace with the other shoe. That is not so nice right?' - "There are nicer things yeah."

    Are you ruled out for the full season?' - "I am afraid so."

    'What are your doing now, now you cannot play?' - "Well I have my own ventures and organizations I am involved in so..."

    'Sitting behind the telephone, typewriter?' - "Yes, that is correct."

    'Public relations' - "All part of the job."

    'Do you need to do a lot for that hair?' - "No, only in the beginning and when it fits it will be alright for a long while."

    'You do need to wash' - "Every day. If you are playing in the mud you have to of course."

    'It is also good for your image' - "That's what I hope, not [the reason] why."

    'Will you make records now you have the time? - "No"

    'Why not?' - "For one moment I liked it, it was just curiosity why I did it."

    'A pity. Reggae is also hard with such leg isn't it?' - "Haha"

    'One question of conscience for you. Will you stay in the Netherlands, will you be saved for Dutch football?' - "That is what I need to think about this month. There are many things coming at me and I need to put things into a row and weigh things.'

    'Doesn't this make you crazy?' - "Hmmm yeah, in the way that many people ask where you'll be, but that is logical of course."

    'Okay, wish you a speedy recovery, wish you well, that you may shine again. It is better to stay in the Netherlands because so many go and Holland is a pleasant place right. We want to offer you something, a little present. One fruit basket for the ill [shows a gigantic basket] man. This is also on behalf of your team-mates, on behalf of everyone here and I hope you'll be happy' - "Yes, very happy but there is one problem. I have received so many fruit baskets. From young boys from the football camp... This is why I want to donate this to the Sophia Children Hospital in Rotterdam. "

    'They will be happy with that. Nice gesture.' - "One more thing Ron. I have seen you play football. I have you seen at the farewell game of Willem van Hanegem. I need to say you can play football, but the finishing lets you down. This is why I give you these tailor made football boots."

    'Haha thank you. I cannot promise it will be better next time but I really like this and find it a nice souvenir to receive this from a man like you. Thank you... Ruud Gullit.'
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    I understand the reasoning 'Gullit is the only one to bring the trophy over the line' but in the end I tend to disagree with the logic - and so do many compatriots. It goes too far to bring up all the arguments. Let me say Gullit also played with (possibly) three top 10 players and a great coach (it cannot be doubted Michels was a good coach, even though his results are nothing to write him about with Cruijff and indeed Gullit involved in some way).

    Maybe good to revisit some of the more notable Oranje games pre-1988, with a link to the upcoming Netherlands vs France game too.

    That match against 'Danish Dynamite' you notice gets a mention in the Danish Dynamite book of 2014 (by Smith and Lars Eriksen). One thing to note is the Dutch match commentator (Evert ten Napel) actually tends to like Michael Laudrup a little bit more although he also says "undoubtedly a man of huge talents, but shows it only sporadically today... this is such moment." This is the same match commentator as the 1988 semi final ("Volksparkstadion has been conquered by Orange" as his most famous line) and the 1998 semi final commentary. Technically and substantially a much better commentator than the (abroad) more famous Jack van Gelder. Frank Rijkaard was actually one of his favorites and he's not an Ajax supporter (and also not from 'Holland', he is from near the German border and was a Bundesliga follower).

    His first big match against a big opponent was against France in 1982. France played with Platini and pretty much all of the big stars. Platini had already a (sincerely) big reputation - before he won the Ballon d'Or, european championships and European Cup - and confirmed it in the game. Netherlands had some of their better players not available, most notably Ruud Krol (he was not released by Napoli - same for some of the qualifiers).

    Gullit received some mixed reviews in the newspapers I see on Delpher, erring to the negative. The French press was overall rather more enthusiastic, it was reported. Gullit received in 1983 his first Ballon d'Or votes (remember: only five players could be filled in). The Ireland voter mentioned the games he played against them and/or their players. The East German voter wrote: "He has created himself, through his talent, a very merited reputation". The Ireland voter "salutes" him.

    He created the first goal, certainly - but of course it doesn't necessarily equal playing a great match. Well, the full match has been preserved luckily. I guess you've seen it?

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    Yes, I saw this entire game once or twice, yes for sure, but honestly I didn't remember from this pre-assist in this match after all . Yes, about Michel Platini he had already been deservedly awarded the Bronze Ball in 1977 ( France Football ) by little Nancy de Lorraine from France. in 1977 Michel Platini had great performances for the French National Team against West Germany (Franz Beckenbauer the last friendly), Bulgaria home game, Bulgaria away game too, Hamburg (German club, Republic Of Ireland home game, Brazil away game, Switzerland away game (maracana stadium in Brazil) ... surely if he had been playing for a much bigger club than Nancy from Lorraine he could have easily won the 1977 Ballon d'Or against ... Allan Simonsen, Kevin Keegan, Rob Rensenbrink, Arie Haan ( both Anderlecht), Gerd Muller, Kenny King Dalglish, Ceulemans and Johan Cruyff Neeskens Zico Falcão Careca... I saw all these entire games of Michel Platini... in 1977 for me it was the most skillful version of Michel Platini that I have seen in my entire life for sure , he was extremely skillful at that time in 1977... then He. suffered a little with the ups and downs of the French National team in general. I mean the performances of the eleven players on the field, not just Michel's performance.

    The same thing happened with Ruud Gullit. The Dutch National team has always had a lot of ups and downs in the medium and long term date ( schedule matches )in my view;
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    Honestly Football in general will always have mainly 6 main aspects within the game. Mental, tactical, physical, technical attributes, skills attributes (ballcontrol skills, born Talent, dribbling, dribbling in speed and genius moment and to finish Effectiveness within the most important numbers or statistics goals assists tackles etc... for example .

    Michael Laudrup, Dennis Bergkamp, Roberto Baggio, Totti and Ronaldinho Gaucho... they were certainly all very very brilliant and very talented, a lot of magical things. But unfortunately for them in general. They never really filled in all of these 6 most important aspects of the game of Professional Football. , that is, mental, physical, tactical, technical attributes, abilities (pure talent and dribbling skills) and effectiveness... For example !

    Ronaldinho Gaucho was very good physically... 84 86...he was very good technically too.. 91-92
    and Very genius in skills 9.5 or 9.7 ( ball control skills .. pure Talent ... dribbling skills etc .. magic )

    But he was highly tactically limited, generally due to laziness and only performed his tactical functions in the offensive part of the game with the ball . 6.8 or 6.9 or 7.2 or 7.3 !

    also highly mentally very very limited 6.3 or 6.5 maybe lower from this too .. 6.1 in general !

    Effectiveness 6.5 or 6.7 average in general (6.9 or 7.0 at its peak) Goals ... assists ... pre-assists .... chances created .... dribbles completed .... tackles .... interceptions .... covers .....marking .. header wons ... duels wons ... Attacking Set pieces and Defending Set Pieces .... too ... teamwork job .... etc ....
  18. Wiliam Felipe Gracek

    Santos FC
    Feb 3, 2024

    Michael Laudrup was limited physically, effectively, mentally and tactically..... But excellent or extraordinary technically, Skillfully, (pure Talent and genius for sure ! ) . !
  19. PuckVanHeel

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    Oct 4, 2011
    #19 PuckVanHeel, Jun 18, 2024
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    I am checking things myself now and I think you are too low here for 1992-93. Trachta10 (who, as you said, tends to be a bit low with some players or in general) has him on 7 assists. I don't rule out he has even a couple more than this.

    Strangely, he played less games then but has more goals and about as many assists as in 1991-92 (an omen for 1993-94?). He got frustrated by Fabio Capello his rotation policy. He received an 8 for certain games and Capello benched him for the next match. Capello didn't trust his knees entirely; they didn't get along very well (Sacchi and Gullit was however a good match). Carlo Ancelotti his first book has a funny description of Capello (that he could be grumpy etc. and Capello's greatest strength was reading a match).

    Let me also recall Gullit was the 3rd highest foreigner by Guerin Sportivo in 1991-92. Behind Rijkaard and Shalimov. Had also a higher grade than Baresi (who was 0.12 lower) and Maldini, which is quite something. This was the unbeaten Milan team, but unfortunately for them they were banned in Europe.

    In 1992-93 he had even a higher average grade, which is also corroborated by DBScalcio (6.67 in 1992-93 vs 6.50 in 1991-92), but just about didn't play enough to qualify for the final ranking. He was also great in the Coppa Italia I'd say. Aron Winter was 2nd best foreigner by Guerin Sportivo! (just 0.07 removed from the top).

    Don't take this as (unfair) criticism; I appreciate it you share what you saw yourself. I'll get back to a few other things, without wanting to turn the conversation to Laudrup etc. I see what you mean with Gullit combining many qualities, including 'mental' ones (while that is for Laudrup maybe less obvious but in the end I'd give a different assessment). Gullit his time as player-coach for Chelsea is reviewed rather complimentary by Michael Cox his Zonal Marking book, including his ability to change formations and tactics within games successfully.

    (you already know I'm sceptic about some ratings; for example MvB in 1987-88 is way too low in my opinion, in the games he did play. I am positive he played a positive role in the concluding stages of the title race - the hardest fixtures were at the end - and helped to tilt the title to Milan - it's also my belief, with just the naked facts and results to back it up, that this great legendary team could cope well when Baresi was absent. Ratings can point towards certain things, yes, including Shalimov his class)
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    Oct 4, 2011
    'The Mixer' was that book, sorry! Not 'Zonal Marking'. There it is also mentioned they stood 2nd in the league when he was sacked and still in the competition for League Cup and FA Cup (12 february 1998).
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    .................... Ballon D'or 1977

    Classement complet :

    Rank Nom Club Nationalité Points

    Top 5

    1 Allan Simonsen Borussia Mönchengladbach [​IMG] Danemark 74
    2 Kevin Keegan Liverpool / Hambourg SV [​IMG] Angleterre 71
    3 Michel Platini Nancy [​IMG] France 70
    4 Roberto Bettega Juventus [​IMG] Italie 39
    5 Johan Cruijff FC Barcelone [​IMG] Pays-Bas 23
  22. Wiliam Felipe Gracek

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    Feb 3, 2024

    ...... Michel Platini France Total Of Goals
    1976-1977 [​IMG] AS Nancy-Lorraine D1 38 25 1 0 - - - - - - - 8 4 47 29
    1977-1978 [​IMG] AS Nancy-Lorraine D1 36 18 10 7 - - - - - - - 8 5 54 30

    Bronze Ball 1977
  23. Wiliam Felipe Gracek

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    Feb 3, 2024

  24. Wiliam Felipe Gracek

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    Feb 3, 2024

    ................MAIN PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES :

  25. Wiliam Felipe Gracek

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    Feb 3, 2024

    Football Manager guide on players mental attributes and how they are related and dependant against other attributes.
    Informs us how much does a player assert himself on the game and how much he gets involved, this doesn't automatically tell us how aggressive or unsporting the player is. Aggressiveness along with unsporting are determined with hidden attributes like dirtiness together with sportsmanship. The number of fouls a player makes is however co-relaid with aggressiveness, more aggressive player could make more fouls simply because hill will attempt more tackle during a match.

    Significant relevant attributes:
    • Tackling - since a more aggressive player is going to attempt a lot more challenges, especially if he's a playing in some of the defensive positions
    • Decisions - so he can decide properly the way to assert himself in certain occasions

    Informs us on how well a player is a able to predict actions and moves from his teammates and the opponent players. Better anticipation is going to help a player in order to react quicker to events, nevertheless, he'll should also be capable of assuming up a good initial position AND Legs reach the most important thing to have this attribute very very higher level in my view examples this Patrick Vieira and Ruud Gullit .

    Significant relevant attributes:
    • Off the ball - to obtain superior initial attacking positions
    • Positioning - to obtain superior initial defensive positions
    • Acceleration - in order to respond quicker to an event

    Information on how eager player would be to stop the opponent or perhaps to win a ball, regardless of the chance of suffering an injury

    This attribute shows exactly how calm as well as collected a player is in pressurised circumstances or while he’s in control of the ball

    This attribute shows the amount of time a player can remain concentrated on the game. When this attribute is poor it's going to reduce the effectiveness of the player later on in the match and can add to the odds of him doing errors.

    This attribute shows just how capable a player is at seeing a possibility less creative player wouldn't see. It won't say how effective a player is at taking advantage of the imaginative and prescient vision he's got.

    Significant relevant attributes:
    • Crossing - crossing the ball accurately
    • Finishing - shoot accurately
    • Free Kicks - taking the free kicks accurately
    • Heading - heading the ball accurately
    • Long Shots - shooting at goal from distance accurately
    • Passing - passing the ball to his teammates accurately
    • Technique - to execute more challenging technical actions properly
    • Anticipation - predict an event and respond to a scenario in the match
    • Composure - to stay calm sufficient to anticipate properly to make a good decisions
    • Concentration - to stay concentrated enough to anticipate properly to make a good decisions constantly
    • Decisions - to decide on the best choice from all of the possibilities seen
    • Flair - to have the ability to make a more unpredictable decision

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