The Status of the Soccer Fanatics Radio Show

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    Soccer Fanatics Radio Has "Suspended Operations"
    by Josh Hakala

    As much as I hate to borrow a phrase from the WUSA, it's true: Effective November 4th, the Soccer Fanatics Radio Show is temporarily off the air.

    We have enjoyed our time in the studios of 89.7FM WLNZ in Lansing, Michigan, from our humble beginnings in August 2001 to the very end. We've enjoyed interviews from the sport's biggest names, and lay true to the claim that we are the ONLY radio show in the country that covers EVERY level of American soccer.

    It seems as though we have worn out our welcome at WLNZ, not because of the quality of the show, or the lack of interest in the show, but it has been made clear to us that the radio station no longer wants the show on their airwaves. The exact reasons have not been made clear, but we have discovered that WLNZ has changed its expectations regarding the show, making it impossible to us to carry on as before.

    Don't think for a minute that the show is done. We're simply going to take some time off, review our options and come back as strong as ever.

    We appreciate every single guest we've had on the show (all 180 of them:

    We've had a lot of great moments over the years, from our interview with Kylie Bivens in the bathroom to the birth of our first unofficial "spin-off" -- "Dan Loney: Radio Superstar."

    We also appreciate every listener who has tuned into the show. Whether you tuned in live every Monday night for the past two years, or if you checked out the archive later, we really do appreciate your support. We've received a lot of kind words from people from all over the world; from nearly every state in the USA (including Alaska & Hawaii), and from countries like Australia, England, Germany, Japan, Egypt, Ghana, Bahrain, Finland, and of course, we appreciate the support from our neighbors to the north, Canada.

    We're obviously not the only ones who believe that American soccer has a bright future.

    The Soccer Fanatics Radio Show is currently exploring other options, and will be back on the air very soon. Join the mailing list to be kept up to date on all the latest developments concerning our return to the airwaves.

    If you could like to show your support of the show, feel free to use the ONLINE EMAIL FORM. (

    We aren't really collecting a petition, because our time at WLNZ is officially done, we simply want to show WLNZ what they're missing, because we know that they don't realize how important the show is to American soccer fans from around the world.

    Stay tuned to the website because Scott will continue to have his regular "rants."

    We appreciate all the support from you, our listeners, even if some radio stations do not. And, thanks to that support, we have little doubt that we will be on the air again very soon.

    Josh Hakala
    Creator - Soccer Fanatics Radio Show
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    Good luck finding a new avenue to broadcast the show.
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    Never fear, we've got some quality options. Just trying to work out the details at the moment.

    Drop us a supportive email if you haven't already...

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