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    Argentina has won two Mundiales,14 Copa Americas and 6 sub 20 Mundiales.
    Whats a common thread bewtween all those glorious victories.Well almost players played their futbol in Argentina where the DT was able to build a team.Since the mid 1990s and the exodus to Europe began we have enjoyed nothing but failure.This long European crisis is beginning to see things very slowly turn but the seleccion will win nothing until the DT can have the majority of his players in South America.So f this thread its nothing but a monument to our failure
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    Indeed. We have suffered greatly and it seems like we ain't gonna get that 3rd star anytime soon. I think we have been a victim of bad luck really. But Profe Hernandez on Codigo F has stated the same things you have said and a slew of others. On a local level: coaches lose 2 games and get fired. There will be no progress in our football if this obvious thing does not get addressed soon.

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