the season of "could have beens"

Discussion in 'Charleston Battery' started by Mikey mouse, Sep 12, 2007.

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    2007 was a tough year for the Battery.

    First, losing our top goal scorers (Ben Hollingsworth and Gavin Glinton) and assist player (Omar Daley) to greener pastures. they were always going to have a hard time replacing those three with players of similar calibar.

    The injury bug seem to plague us at the worst of times. Fuller, Alvarez, Armstong, Richardson, Romario, Gores, plus suspensions to others made it hard to play a consistant 11 each week.

    The defense, for looking so solid at the begining of the year, didnt live up to the billing. Not sure if it was Watson retiring or what but they didnt seem to be playing on the same sheet and had some tough injuries to fill as well.

    Those are the top things I think that kept us from making the playoffs. I believe we were one or two high caliber players fomr being a top 3 ro 4 team this season. Hopefully Teh Battery FO will be looking to spend some money next season and bring in those marque players!

    What do you think?

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