The Salvadoran issue [R]

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by mikemeg, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Aug 15, 2000
    Q2 is a good talent, but his speed is what will keep him from playing in ellite teams in Europe. I thought Diaz Arce was slow, this kid makes Arce look fast. The kid will fit more as a midfielder then a forward. He holds the ball well and distributes pretty good. His speed is not enough to burn defenders. Curtis and Lassiter do not have the ball skills of Q2, but they can burn defenders and jump over them as well.

    He had a good game though, I hope he continues to play well.
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    Jun 3, 1999
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    I was chief among those concerned, and I was the first to point out that things turned out well. But I don't retract one iota of what I said before: there was virtually 100% consistency in the earlier games featuring Salvadorans. I don't feel I overreacted in the least-- by signing Q2, United was repeating an action that previously resulted in a great deal of violence, public lewdness, and significant fan defections.

    This was BY FAR the best environment I can remember at RFK in a game with a Salvadoran either on the team or on the opposing team. It was the exception, NOT the rule. It's one thing to accept the possibility that a good environment could happen, it's another to assume that it would happen in contradiction of every scrap of evidence we had before.

    And while I appreciate Darryl's defense, no-- my concern was about now, not about the future after Q2 is traded or released. Some of the worst situations I (and some others I've spoken with) have confronted in RFK were while RDA was playing for United, not after his release.

    So again, I withdraw none of my earlier comments. And I'm still not inviting my wife and child to games until I see another few peaceful games. But it is precisely because this was the completely unexpected and "unexpectable" exception to the rule that it is so very welcome. I felt a great deal of joy seeing how well everything went off, and if this continues, I'm thrilled to see a new, positive group of fans.
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    I agree, let's see what happens after 4 or 5 matches. Then we can say one way or another.

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