The Official Thread of the Haitian National Teams II

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    LD Alajuelense
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    haiti,i hope they do will in the gold cup
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    Feb 17, 2005
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    Feb 17, 2005
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    Stoke City FC
    Haiti vs. Jamaica for May 23 friendly in US

    Sean Williams
    Friday, April 17, 2009
    The Reggae Boyz will tackle Caribbean rivals Haiti in a friendly international in Fort Lauderdale, USA, on Saturday, May 23, it was announced yesterday.
    JFF boss Captain Horace Burrell made the disclosure at the Sherwin Williams Women's Football Awards Presentation at the Federation's New Kingston offices a day after confirming a home game for the senior team against Panama on June 7.
    "The senior Reggae boyz team will play against Haiti in Fort Lauderdale and we expect it to be a massive game because the people of Haiti will be celebrating a special holiday period (Compas Month)," Burrell said.
    Organiser of the game, Jeremy Mullings, said he expects a large crowd for the game as the USA will be celebrating Memorial Weekend which falls in line with the May month of celebrations for south Florida's Haitians. This is also a time when the rest of the Caribbean Diaspora swings into party mode.
    "We are hoping for a sell-out crowd at Lockhart Stadium with all that will be happening on that weekend, and we are getting a good vibe about the event already... and as you know whenever Jamaica play Haiti, it brings out the best in both," said Mullings from Florida yesterday.
    Jamaica may not have their strongest team for the encounter as the game will not be played on a FIFA-sanctioned date, but Burrell promised that "we will have all our available overseas-based players".
    The CONCACAF Executive Committee member noted that the match provides an opportunity "for the best local players in the Premier League" to perform for coach John Barnes and his team.
    Burrell and his team have been finding it difficult to get top-class opposition for the Reggae Boyz - their efforts thwarthed by the team's 70th placing on the FIFA standings and elimination from the World Cup qualifying race.
    "It's not easy to get worthy opponents now as they're engaged in World Cup qualifiers and... are playing those games on FIFA calendar dates, plus we're not attractive to them because we're not in the World Cup mix," Burrell said on Wednesday in announcing the Panama contest.
    The Burrell administration was busy these past weeks deflecting media flak for the Boyz's inactivity on the last two FIFA calendar dates of March 28 and April 1.
    For the March date, the JFF was in fact in advanced negotiations for a match against Oman in Muscat, but the Gulf state decided late to play South Africa instead.
    The senior team's last friendly international was played on the first FIFA date of the year, February 11 in London, when they played to an entertaining 0-0 tie with Nigeria's Super Eagles.
    The matches between Haiti and Panama will provide the Reggae Boyz with their final tune-up ahead of the CONCACAF Gold Cup which runs from July 3-26 in 13 US cities.
    Haiti, like Jamaica, are out of World Cup contention but will join their Caribbean neighbours in the Gold Cup. Ranked a modest 119 by FIFA, Haiti will contest Group B alongside the USA, Honduras and Digicel Caribbean Championships runners-up Grenada.
    Jamaica, who won the regional championships, will compete in Group A alongside Canada, Costa Rica and El Salvador, while Panama contest Group C with Guadeloupe, Mexico and Nicaragua.
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    May 1, 2006
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    May 1, 2006
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    Nat'l Team:
    For you South Florida Haitian supporters......

    Some ex-National Team Members suiting up for this one. Can't say the stadium is world class but the match should be a really good one.

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    Feb 17, 2005
    Friday :

    Haiti - Panama 1-1
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    Sep 6, 2008
    Lesly Fellinga Football Interview with Le Matin Haiti:"I am very disappointed"

    (Translated from with Google)

    Adopted by a Dutch couple at a young age.
    Spotted via the Internet by FHF always looking for talent of Haitian origin in the world, Lesly Fellinga plays Selection for three years.
    He played every game in preparation for the Gold Cup with the national team, but no meeting has been relegated to the bench by an amazing Frantz Gilles.
    Frustrated, now under contract with the Toronto club, he agreed to answer our questions.

    Gerald Bordes (GB): Before the Gold Cup, you play every game preparation with the national team, but during the four tournament games you have not been established.
    What has happened?
    Were you hurt?

    Lesly Fellinga (LF) : ​
    No, I was not injured.
    I can not explain what happened.
    During the preparation period, I played all the friendly matches and I felt to be important for the team.
    I have even had discussions with the coach on the team.
    Against the Montreal Impact, Mr. Rindone put me at rest, and Frantz Gilles played his first friendly match.
    I never thought the coach would make that decision just from this game.
    I was very disappointed, I felt bad and I was very unhappy with this situation I was not expecting.

    GB: Even if you've never been the starting lineup, are you satisfied with the performance of the Haitian team?
    What are you blaming the coaching staff?

    LF: The team made a good run in the first round, although I regret that we could not win the game against the United States.
    The duel against Mexico was a big disappointment. Before the game, we were told how to play.
    But this has not been properly implemented on the ground.
    I do not think it wise to say if I blame the coach and if I blame something.
    If I answer this part of the question, I would not feel comfortable vis-à-vis Gilles.
    Let's say I was very dissatisfied with my situation and I think I could help the team in this difficult situation.

    GB: Fellinga Will you always available to the national team?

    LF: I do not know.
    Obviously I lost faith in this coach. In my talk with him after the first match (against Honduras), he told me I'm still the number one position but chose Gilles for his experience. It is very difficult to accept this argument.
    Because I already played as many games with the national team in Haiti.
    And I think I also have experience.

    GB: You play with shoes red and white, where it says: "Lesly goumen ap pou Ayiti. Why this slogan?
    you also speak Creole?

    LF: I put this slogan on my shoes because I am very proud to play for the national team and for the people of Haiti.
    I love Haiti.
    And I wanted to do my best for the national team but the coach did not give me this chance.
    And to tell the truth, my Creole is terrible. I can now say a few words and phrases.
    So I can not speak as I wish.

    GB: You are an adopted son, did you look for your family in Haiti?

    LF: Yes.
    I know nothing of my birth mother and other relatives in Haiti. I have no names or information.

    Gerald Bordes: You were in Europe and you have even participated with Netherlands club SC Heerenveen in the UEFA Cup.
    Today, you are no longer part of this team.
    You move in Toronto FC Major League Soccer (MLS).
    Why the change? How long is your contract? What it has cost Toronto FC you have?

    Lesly Fellinga: My contract with SC Heerenveen is ended.
    So I was looking for a new club. In the Netherlands, I had some contacts.
    But several MLS clubs interested in me.
    They came to see me play at the Gold Cup.
    The coach knew, I informed him.
    Then you understand why I am even more disappointed at not having played for ten minutes.After a brief attempt at Toronto FC, I joined this club.
    Is a good professional club. I had a very warm welcome to the club.
    I will not use it to secure a contract in Europe.
    I am currently conducting an adventure.
    I have a contract for four months (until the end of this season) with an option for three more years.
    In the end we will see if it can continue. I'm sorry.
    Can not you disclose the amount of my salary.
    This response should not be in the interview.
    I am very happy to answer your questions.

    Source: LeMatinHaiti
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    Feb 17, 2005
    Any upcoming friendly matches ?
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    Sep 6, 2008
    Football: Argentina against Haiti, rumor or truth?
    Thursday, 03 September 2009

    On August 18, 2004, the Haitian people had the privilege to admire in Haiti Brazilian superstars in Haiti under the "Match for Peace" Haiti-Brazil. After visiting the Brazilian star, had announced the arrival of one of the gods of football, Diego Armando Maradona. But the smoke had revealed any fire, until, it was learned on Tuesday, September 1, the coach of Argentina, Diego Armando Maradona has called the president of the Federation of Haitian Football (FHF), Yves Jean-Bart, informing him that the national team of Haiti is part of its agenda to allow its selection of fine-tuning its preparations for the World Cup 2010 qualifiers.

    On 30 September, Argentina was to meet Costa Rica in a friendly Ticos but declined the invitation because the Costa Rican coach will not have at its disposal several senior players in his group. Because of this cancellation, the Argentine coach has opted for the selection of Haitian football. "Diego Maradona has urged the president to announce he wants to meet in a friendly next September 30 the selection of Haiti. Now it remains to finalize the arrangements for this meeting, "said Carlos Marcelin, national technical director (DTN).

    "The encounter will be played either in Rosario, either Monumental Argentina. We know the headquarters of the game after the outcome of the duel of September 5 between Argentina and Brazil ", said Ronald Vaval, bureau chief of communication FHF.

    We tried unsuccessfully to reach the President of the FHF to confirm information. However, the official selections and vice-president of the Federation, Julio Cadet, said he had so far received no official note on this game.

    Argentina finds himself in 4th position in the qualifying Amsud the 2010 World Cup. At the end of these playoffs, the 5th of South America will meet in the 4th dam of Concacaf. It is quite possible that in this perspective the Argentine technician wants to rub a team from the area. If it happens, it will be the second time that the two will compete Selections.

    Source: LeMatinHaiti
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    Sep 6, 2008


    The official announcement was made last Tuesday on radio station Galaxy by the President of the Haitian Football Federation, Yves Jean-Bart.

    After being eliminated in the ¼ finals of the Gold Cup defeat (0-4) against Mexico, the selection of Haitian football play a friendly match next September 30 in Buenos Aires against that of Argentina.

    The president of the FHF has confirmed the news saying: "I received a call from the phone and Argentina, Diego Armando Maradona, the coach albi celeste, m ' stated that Haiti was invited to play a test match against Argentina.'

    In the words of No. 1 of the FHF, Argentina had to face Costa Rica, Rodrigo Kenton but the coach has denied this game since the players are expected to contend for the League Champions CONCACAF with their respective clubs and a week later, Costa Rica will have two important meetings in the playoffs for the 2010 World Cup. "Kenton has taken this decision to avoid injury to his players, wich made it clear for Yves Jean-Bart.

    The first and last meeting between Haiti and Argentina dates back to June 23, 1974 at the finals of the World Cup in Germany. The Argentines had clearly prevailed (4-1) and Haiti's lone goal was scored by Emmanuel Sanon, his second goal after he scored against Italy to put an end to the invincibility of the legendary Dino Zoff .

    Recall that Haiti has won six seats and with 304 points, the Grenadiers are ranked 109th in the latest world rankings issued by FIFA last Wednesday and remains 14th in the CONCACAF zone. Unlike Argentina, which is ranked 8th in the world and 2nd in the CONMEBOL zone.

    Source: Lenouvel
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    Sep 13, 2009
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    Sep 6, 2008
    Ghana instead of Haiti against Argentina
    Sunday, 20 September 2009

    We dreamed of seeing Pierre Richard Bruny rubbing Lionel Messi five years after crossing Ronaldo and Ronaldinho at the Stade Sylvio Cator, history to finish his career in triumph, but the cases were decided differently. The match that should oppose the Haitian national team football to its counterpart in Argentina will not take place: about money.
    The meeting should oppose the "Albiceleste" and the "Grenadiers" Monumental in Buenos Aires, September 30 next, will not take place. "We could not find a financial agreement for this game that we wanted to play for prestige," informed the president of the Haitian Football Federation, Yves Jean Bart Dadou reached by phone Thursday.

    "The Argentines are currently only rank 5th in the heats of the World Cup 2010 in the area are Amsud far as the 4th dam against the Concacaf zone before these two crucial matches in mid-October. Also, to prepare for a possible play-off against a panel of the CONCACAF zone, the Argentines had decided to play a friendly against one of football training which is fairly representative in terms of technical quality of players football area. However, among the leaders of the Haitian football federation who wanted play this game for prestige while obtaining a minimum to cover certain expenses related to the preparation of this meeting and that the Argentines would have offered them away from what they wanted.

    "They gave us twenty-eight tickets for the trip and ten thousand dollars, we wanted them to give us at least fifteen thousand dolars, but they have dithered for a long time. As we are not in training and the preparation of this meeting would have cost us much, we had to ask our agent game no longer accept the experience if the Argentines were evident at this time " said Jean Bart.

    According to the holder of the reins of federal office, it was the Ghanaians who would play against the Argentines September 30 next instead of Haiti. In the race for South Africa, the Ghanaians have agreed to receive nothing from the Argentines play Monumental September 30 and the Argentines back pass play a friendly match in preparation for Ghana before the World Cup if they or would qualify at a later date if they would not get their ticket to South Africa.

    Note that this event pitting Argentina and Haitians in senior category would be the first would dispute that these two teams since their confrontation in the final phase of World Cup 1974 in Germany and at the time the Argentines had won 3-1 and Emmanuel Sanon had scored the only goal for Haiti.

    In less than seventeen years, the last meeting between Haitians and Argentines of 2007 in Rio de Janeiro during the Pan American Games. The two formations were separated on a 1-1 score and Jerome Meshack scored the goal of Haiti on a free kick from elsewhere.

    Source: Lenouvel
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    Sep 13, 2009
    The FHF Online store will officially launch this sunday

    The store is still password protected since it has not officially launch.
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    Feb 17, 2005
    Match Léopards locaux-Diables Rouges annulé

    Le derby Léopards locaux-Diables rouges prévu ce dimanche vient d’être annulé alors que la République démocratique du Congo recevra la république d’Haïti samedi 14 novembre en match amical international.

    Le match amical international qui devait opposer les Léopards seniors locaux de la Rdc à leurs homologues de Diables Rouges du Congo Brazzaville ce dimanche 8 novembre 2009 au Stade des Martyrs n’aura plus lieu.

    La Fédération Congolaise de Football (Fécofoot ) a demandé l’ajournement de ce match. Elle avance comme raison, ne pas être en mesure de boucler le circuit de déblocage de fonds en temps voulu dans une correspondance du 29 novembre 2009.

    La Fécofoot dit continuer à être attaché à ce match test indispensable pour leur équipe nationale qui affrontera la Guinée Equatoriale le 29 novembre prochain. C’est avec beaucoup de peine, que la Fécofoot a fait part de l’ajournement de ce match à son homologue de la Rdc. Elle demande même à la Fécofa de ne pas lui tenir rigueur pour ce désagrément.

    Les Léopards seniors locaux reçoivent plutôt les haïtiens le samedi 14 novembre prochain
    D’après M. Grégoire Ediba Elonga, secrétaire général de la Fécofa, les Léopards seniors locaux recevront l’équipe nationale d’Haïti le 14 novembre prochain au Stade des Martyrs, en match amical internationale.
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    Finalement on en sait plus ou est ce que l'on en est. Le journal du Groupe L"Avenir annonce que le match contre Haiti est annule et annonce les leopards locaux en match amical contre l'Angola le 14 Nov, alors que l'on sait tous qu'ils affrontent le Congo Brazza, alors qui dit vrai? Si cela se confirme, mauvais debut pour Mr Eugene Diomi.

    Le match qui devait les opposer à l’équipe Haïtienne est, une fois de plus, annulé
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    May 6, 2006
    terrible earthquake:eek:

    are all players safe ??
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    PuertoPlata, DomRep
    Not Soccer Related

    Here in Puerto Plata, Dom Rep, our thoughts and prayers go out to the suffering people from the Port au Prince aerea
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    long Island,N.Y.

    I second that.
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    LD Alajuelense
    Condolences to PaP and to all who have family there. Relief efforts are already underway in Florida and hopefully it reaches those who need it most soon.
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    NJ; Valpo.
    Santiago Wanderers
    Nat'l Team:
    Ditto. Much love to our Haitian brothers.
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    Corinthians Sao Paulo
    Nat'l Team:
    indeed. I donated like tons of stuff to Haiti and I look to do more charity help for them soon.

    my prayers to the lost ones and I hope things get better quicker in Haiti.

    on a sidenote: does anyone know how their players did. their home grown players. idk how the federation and its teams will deal with this massive blow.

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