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    Nat'l Team:
    Although, if they see it this way, they risk underestimating their opponent: things like this have been seen in every league for years; when a team sees a particular game as just a "transition" to the actual difficult ones, that's the moment it automatically becomes a difficult one too.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Unfortunately Bragstad is out for a couple of weeks due to a stress reaction in her leg, so she will miss the Wales match. But there are more chances for a call-up later this year. Norway also have the following three Euro qualifiers scheduled before Christmas:

    21 Oct - home vs Belarus
    27 Oct - away at Wales
    26 Nov - home vs Faroe Islands

    I'm curious about the team selection. Sjögren is probably not going to experiment much since Wales are considered the toughest opponents in the group. We lined up like this in the last match against New Zealand at Algarve (a 2-1 win):

    -------------------------------------- Synne Jensen

    --- Guro Reiten ------------ Caroline Hansen ---------------- Karina Sævik

    --------------------------- Frida Maanum --- Ingrid Engen

    Kristine Minde -- Maria Thorisdottir -- Maren Mjelde -- Ingrid Moe Wold

    ----------------------------------- Cecilie Fiskerstrand

    I can only think of three possible changes and two of them will not be surprising. Lisa-Marie Utland or Elise Thorsnes for Synne Jensen up front and Vilde Bøe Risa for Frida Maanum in midfield. The third is Emilie Woldvik for Kristine Minde at left-back. I think it's time Woldvik gets the nod at this level.
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    Mar 31, 2017
    Like the line-up you suggest! Maybe Haavi if different configuration.
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    Thanks very much for the update on Bragstad. That's a shame but she's young and with a full runway and career in front of her.

    It's a good point about overlooking Klepp, but when you have RBK and LSK on deck it's hard to see the danger so close. Klepp have lost five of their last six and could sure use a break to pivot their season.

    Lisa-Marie Utland, Elise Thorsnes, Emilie Haavi and Synne Jensen will all do ok against Toppserien opposition, Wales, Northern Ireland, Belarus and the Faroe Islands. But success against Tier 1 EU competition is another thing. Hopefully someone steps up a level by next summer or it could be shades of the last EURO without a goal.

    To knock out countries at the top European level will need more strength up top, consistency and dependability at goalkeeper, a right back who can play both directions with aplomb, and perhaps a second shield to play alongside Engen.

    The 4-2-3-1 is a good EU final tournament formation, not so sure about the group phase. Something a little more attacking oriented might be more suitable. When playing much weaker teams you've got to give up the odd goal knowing you will score many to your opponents one.
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    I remember hyping Thorisdottir as the next major CB and she did get on Guardians top 100 list. But she looked very slow in that last game vs Germany; Lea Schuller alone must of burned her on the run a half dozen times(which led to 2-3 goals).
    Dunno what happened to her? Maybe she was recovering from injury or just the lack of playing time from being on such a strong team like Chelsea, but it will be an definite problem for Norway if they can’t fix her deficiencies.
    cant really say this is an good thing, though it is a good club to attack down the flanks, it be hard as well to get playing time at Wolfsburg. And if she ever does, minus Bayern Munich, there’s not any real competition to be had in the rest of the league.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Ah, that game again. :D:sleep: Maria had been out for months before Algarve btw. Nowhere near her best there. But sitting on the bench a lot at Chelsea is not good for her in the long run. She needs to play regularly.

    Sævik is not a typical winger, but she has featured there for Norway most times. She is just as good in more central positions such as attacking midfielder or supporting striker. With Harder and Pajor out, she'll probably fill in any of those positions.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    The set-up for the corona shortened NM Cup was launched today.

    The ten Toppserien clubs plus Stabæk and Fart (both relegated last year) get byes into the Round of 16. The eight other clubs in the second league will go through one extra preliminary round for the four remaining spots in the Round of 16. These fixtures will be played on Wednesday, September 30 and are drawn as follows:

    Øvrevoll Hosle – Amazon Grimstad
    Fløya – Medkila
    Åsane – Hønefoss
    Grei – KIL Hemne

    The draw for the Round of 16 will be held live on television at half-time during the Euro qualifier Norway-Wales.

    07 Oct: Round of 16
    11 Nov: Quarter-finals
    21 Nov: Semi-finals
    06 Dec: Final (Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo)
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Very quiet days now and little to report with a long pre-camp leading up to the Wales game on Tuesday.

    Martin Sjögren evaluates his two teenager newbies in the national team after some training sessions.

    "They have a different profile than the players who came before them. These are more modern players with a functional set of skills, better athletes and mature understanding of the game for their age. They are young and need more experience, but very exciting for the future."

    On Celin Bizet Ildhusøy (2001), forward Vålerenga

    "She's made a very good impression. Her trademark is the attacking game. She is skillful, strong one-vs-one and she has made huge strides over the last year when it comes to being part of a team. It's about relations with other players on the pitch and the understanding of the whole concept. She is going to develop further the strong parts of her game and gain more basic knowledge about the importance of defensive work"

    On Julie Blakstad (2001), winger Rosenborg

    "She's been a great talent for some time, but has stepped it up one level this year. Julie has been in contention for selection a bit longer than Celin. Julie has had a very good season so far and shows maturity in her game. Physically she is far ahead and reads the game well. These are all important qualities to have when you go from talent to senior player. It doesn't hurt either that she is left footed."

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The international break does not influence the second league. There have been four matches this weekend in the race to reach Toppserien 2021:

    Åsane 4 - 0 Fart
    Hønefoss 3 - 1 Amazon Grimstad
    Fløya 0 - 3 Stabæk
    Grei 1 - 2 Medkila

    Top 5 on the table after 11 matchdays (of 18):

    30p - Stabæk ................... [promotion]
    24p - Medkila ................... [promotion play-offs]
    21p - Øvrevoll Hosle ..........(only played 10 games)
    20p - Åsane
    19p - Hønefoss
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Vålerenga have signed Rikke Nygard from Arna-Bjørnar

    I wondered why she wasn't in the Norway squad this time for the Wales match. May be she was busy with the transfer. The 20 year-old midfielder reputedly turned down Atletico Madrid earlier, but has now left a life on the lower half of the Toppserien table for the league leaders.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Euro 2022 qualifier, Oslo

    Norway 1 - 0 Wales
    1-0 Guro Reiten 29

    ------------------------------------ Lisa-Marie Utland

    --- Guro Reiten ------------ Caroline Hansen ---------------- Amalie Eikeland

    --------------------------- Vilde Bøe Risa --- Ingrid Engen

    Kristine Minde -- Maria Thorisdottir -- Maren Mjelde -- Ingrid Moe Wold

    ----------------------------------- Cecilie Fiskerstrand

    58 min - Frida Maanum for Vilde Bøe Risa
    68 min - Karina Sævik for Amalie Eikeland
    71 min - Elise Thorsnes for Caroline Hansen

    This win was a real anti-climax after a long build-up with rising expectations, I must admit. Rusty corona football with players passing the ball to each other as if they had never played together before. Too many misplaced passes after unforced errors gave the defensive Wales team way too many chances to counter-attack, and Norway would have been punished severly against better opponents tonight.

    Predictably enough, Sjögren went for "safe choices" in the starting line-up. Lisa Marie Utland has scored only one goal in Toppserien this season and was given the job up front, but did nothing out there apart from blocking two possible goals from Caro Hansen shots. Due to poor crossing from the full-backs, Utland didn't get much to work with either to be honest.

    Guro Reiten's goal made the difference on a bad day. Caro Hansen had a couple of excellent solo-runs out there and showed her class, but was subbed out with an ankle injury. She was optimistic regarding her ankle in mixed-zone after the game and thought it wasn't something serious.

    Sjögren must be pondering when to inject some new blood into this team. Emilie Woldvik for Minde at left-back for sure. It's long overdue.
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    Aug 20, 2011
    Nat'l Team:
    Just out of curiosity (since I didn't watch the match), was Jessica Fishlock on the pitch for Wales?
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Yes, she played the full 90. Wales are not a crap team, so I was may be a bit harsh in evaluating the Norway performance. Wales were well organized at the back and waited for counter-attacks and did it well. They had done their homework before the match and made it difficult for Norway. I just find it hard to believe Northern Ireland could draw twice to this team. With that in mind, this Norway performance tonight was very poor.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Norway - Wales (Full game)

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    Nat'l Team:
    I went to NIR v Wales and what happened is Wales are a well organised team. But when they are on the ball and have to decide play and so on, they have limited creative players.

    Regarding yesterday, the referee did not have a great game penalising Norway a few times in bizzare fashion, but also did not see a clear handball by a Norwegian defender because there were many players interfering in her vision path. VAR would have given it for me.
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    Dec 26, 2007
    First round of the Cup has been drawn:

    Øvrevoll Hosle / Amazon Grimstad – Avaldsnes
    Røa – Fart
    Klepp – Vålerenga
    Åsane / Hønefoss – Sandviken
    Rosenborg – Kolbotn
    LSK Kvinner – Lyn
    Arna-Bjørnar – Grei / KIL/Hemne
    Fløya / Medkila – Stabæk
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    Dec 26, 2007
    ^^ correction: that would be second round. The first round is the four Division 1 games on September 30th.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Isabell Herlovsen announces her retirement

    Hardly surprising given her lack of motivation, but this is bad news for Martin Sjögren and Norway. Issa has been a clear number two in the pecking order among Norwegian strikers after Ada Hegerberg. Now there is a big void to fill.

    Herlovsen scored well over 300 goals for club and country over the years, most of them for LSK Kvinner and Kolbotn, but she also had shorter spells in France (Lyon) and China (Jiangsu Suning) plus Vålerenga where she ended her career a bit on the sour note.

    The hat-trick last year against Faroe Islands made her Norway national team's record scorer of 67 goals. She scored some big goals for Norway over the years:

    2005: As a 16 year-old she scored a goal in the rollercoaster Euro semi-final 3-2 win against Sweden.

    2007: She scored the winning goal in the World Cup quarter-final against hosts China.

    2018: She scored the second goal at home against Netherlands which virtually sent Norway to the World Cup.

    2019: Goal against Australia in the World Cup round of 16 when Norway later won on penalties.

    She lives in Fredrikstad with her fiancée and a son, and my personal wish is that she signs for my club Fredrikstad FK in the 3rd division and help them win a few promotions. ;) She is only 32 after all.
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    Apr 16, 2007
    FC Nantes
    Nat'l Team:
    An anecdote on Herlovsen at Lyon: she was really homesick and struggled to adapt to the French life. After training she used to video chat or call her family nearly every day.
    She did not stay long there. Could have won the Champions League there but missed the winning penalty in the shootout.
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    Back to domestic action. Toppserien enters the last third of the season with the following matches this weekend:

    26 Sep (15:00): Kolbotn – Rosenborg
    26 Sep (15:00): LSK Kvinner – Røa
    27 Sep (15:00): Lyn – Avaldsnes
    27 Sep (15:00): Vålerenga – Klepp
    27 Sep (16:00): Sandviken – Arna Bjørnar (on NRK)

    On paper this should be pretty straight forward wins for the four top teams Rosenborg, LSK, Avaldsnes and Vålerenga as they play teams from the lower half on the table, but the first match after an international break is often tricky. Teams haven't been together for a while and there could be surprises. The Bergen derby Sandviken-Arna Bjørnar is the telelvised match with the most uncertain outcome. A-B are naturally weakened by the departure of Rikke Nygard, but Sandviken have been poor lately and I wouldn't write off an away win in this game.

    We've also had some transfers during the international break:

    Rakel Engesvik ....................... Rosenborg --> Sandviken
    Rikke Nygard ........................... Arna Bjørnar --> Vålerenga
    Holmfridur Magnusdottir ....... Selfoss --> Avaldsnes
    Cecelia Kizer .......................... Houston Dash --> Kolbotn
    Tonje Pedersen ...................... Kolbotn --> LSK Kvinner
    Mimmi Löfwenius .................. LSK Kvinner --> Lyn (loan period expired)
    Vårin Ness ............................. Empoli --> Røa
    Lois Roche ............................. Florentia --> Røa
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    Dec 23, 2000
    Fredrikstad FK
    TOPPSERIEN 2020 – 13th Matchday

    Kolbotn 2 – 2 Rosenborg
    0-1 Marit Clausen 15
    0-2 Lisa-Marie Utland 61
    1-2 Kristine Nøstmo 76 (own-goal)
    2-2 CeCe Kizer 78

    Despite the low position on the table, Kolbotn are very hard to beat at home. They’ve drawn against Vålerenga and Avaldsnes earlier this season and this weekend also against Rosenborg after coming from two goals behind. Rosenborg were the better team in this game and netted twice after goalmouth scrambles from top scorer Clausen, and finally Lisa-Marie Utland after a long goaldrought. But just when Rosenborg were cruising to three points, goalkeeper Nøstmo gifted Kolbotn a goal when she fumbled an easy cross into her own net fourteen minutes from the end. Shortly after, the new American signing CeCe Kizer (who was having a strong debut), scored the equalizer with a fine low shot into the bottom corner. Rosenborg failed to repair the damage, but had a shot against the post in the final minutes from Cesilie Andreassen.

    KOL (4-3-3): Ervik 6 – Orgill 3 (S.Haugland -), Murray 4, Hørte 6, B.Lund 4 – Pirisi 4, Eckhoff 5, Kizer 7 – Sørbo 3 (Brandt -), Klæboe 5 (Christiansen -), Hegg 6.

    RBK (4-2-3-1): Nøstmo 4 – Næss 4, Hofset 3, Vårhus 5, Minde 5 – Sørum 6 (Fornes -), Joramo 4 – Utland 5, Andreassen 5, Blakstad 6 – Clausen 5 (Nergård -).

    # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 #

    LSK Kvinner 2 – 0 Røa
    1-0 Emilie Haavi 53
    2-0 Sophie Haug 58

    A predictable win for LSK who didn’t impress much in a stale and eventless first half. Bottom team Røa fought well, as they always do, but the three points stayed in Lillestrøm. Both goals in the second half were quite similar and came from corner kicks by Emilie Woldvik and headed home by Emilie Haavi and Sophie Haug five minutes apart. LSK’s promising centre-back Malin Brenn made her first appearance in two months after nursing an injury. She will be important in the season run-in with so much at stake. I’m pretty sure she is on Martin Sjögren’s notebook as well.

    LSK (4-2-3-1): Norstrøm 6 – Dahlström 5 (Røstbakken -), Brenn 6, Gausdal 6, Woldvik 8 – Bachor 5 (Pedersen -), Ellingsen 5 (Vanhaevermaet -) – Wilmann 5, Eide Lie 4, Haavi 7 – Haug 6 (Kyvåg -).

    RØA (4-5-1): Nilsen 4 – Lyshoel 3, Suphellen 6, Masdal 4, Harviken 4 – Ness 4 (Svastuen -) (Glorud -), Huseby 5, Jørgensen 5, Birkeli 6, Fuglem 5 (Roche -) – Fjelldal 5.

    # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 #

    Lyn 1 – 1 Avaldsnes
    0-1 Rasheedat Ajibade 38
    1-1 Mimmi Löfwenius 40

    Lyn are the form team on the bottom half of the table. They beat Sandviken before the international break and today a strong draw against Avaldsnes. That’s bad news for the other bottom teams. Lyn have also strengthened their attacking line-up with Mimmi Löfwenius who came back after her loan period at LSK. The Swede scored a fine equalizer from the 18 yard line just a couple of minutes after Rash Ajibade put Avaldsnes ahead. Ajibade had an effort against the post earlier as well. Despite the draw, Avaldsnes are still in the title race. I wonder why Lyn’s Mariana Larroquette, coming all the way from Argentina, never gets on the field despite being in the match squad every week. Won’t be easier with Löfwenius in the team for sure.

    LYN (4-4-2): Odden 5 – Bølviken 4, S.Jensen 5, Olsen 5, Closs 5 – Tunes 6, Gashi 5 (Bækkelund -), Hernes 5, Godø 6 – Linberg 5, Löfwenius 7 (Bakke -).

    AVA (4-3-3): Esson 5 – Dahl 5, Decker 5, Polkinghorne 5, Utvik 4 – Tennebø 5 (Norheim -), Gorry 6, Tvedten 6 – Ajibade 7, Thorsnes 6, Jøsendal 5 (Molin -).

    # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 #

    Vålerenga 7 – 0 Klepp
    1-0 Ajara Njoya 18
    2-0 Sigrid H. Hansen 20
    3-0 Dejana Stefanovic 29
    4-0 Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir 45
    5-0 Ajara Njoya 49
    6-0 Ajara Njoya 75
    7-0 Ajara Njoya 78

    One of very few blow-out wins in Toppserien this season. Vålerenga fired on all cylinders and Ajara Njoya scored no less than four goals! The Cameroon striker went through a dry spell of no goals in eight games before tonight. Stefanovic (who extended her contract this week) and Sigurðardóttir scored their goals after fine headers from corners. New signing Rikke Nygard made an appearance as substitute. Klepp were without two international players at the back, Aleksandra Sikora and Tuva Hansen, and Vålerenga obviously took advantage of that against the young replacements. Still, nobody expected an onslaught like this. Klepp are currently the worst performing team in the league, and are now fully involved in the relegation battle. Who knows, their 34 year ever-present record in Toppserien might come to an end if they continue like this.

    VIF (4-3-3): Tompkins 5 – Thomsen 7, B.Pedersen 5, Sigurðardóttir 7, Tomter 7 (Bott -) – Spitse 6, Stefanovic 7 (Nygard -), H.Hansen 6 (Østerås -) – Madsen 5 (Ildhusøy -), Njoya 9, Jensen 7 (Karstensen -).

    KLE (4-5-1): Gay 2 – Stanton 2, Aune 3, Østenstad 3, Jensen 2 – Terland 4, Bjørnsen 4, Karlsen 3 (Skretting -), Andresen 4, Rogde 3 – Hayes 4 (Austdal -).

    # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 # 0 #

    Sandviken 2 – 0 Arna Bjørnar
    1-0 Kennya Cordner 4
    2-0 Maria Brochmann 58 (pen)

    The televised derby of Bergen didn’t have the special spark or drama this time. It almost felt like a low intensity pre-season match at times. Sandviken had lost three straight matches before today, so their ambitious season including an announced title bid is pretty much over. Sandviken scored an early goal through Kennya Cordner, which set the tone against an impotent Arna Bjørnar team unable to create anything in attack apart from mediocre long range shots. The TV-commentator said A-B’s very good goalkeeper Teagan Micah is long-term injured, so back-up Moa Edrud made her Toppserien debut today.

    SAN (4-4-2): Gjøen 5 – Ryland 6, Stenevik 6, Bergsvand 7, Hjelmhaug 5 – Hasund 6, Spord 6, Naalsund 7, Veivåg 5 (H.Jensen -) – Cordner 7 (Veglo -), Brochmann 6 (Neset -).

    A-B (4-4-2): Edrud 4 – Takle Eide 4, Gloppen 5, Lövgren 4, Brummel 5 – Jåstad 4, Aleksic 4, Bjelde 4, Laupstad 3 (Ervik 5) – Rijsdijk 4 (Sunde 4), Abrahamsen 4.


    9 – Marit Clausen (Rosenborg)
    9 – Ajara Njoya (Vålerenga)
    8 – Camilla Linberg (Lyn)
    7 – Sophie Haug (LSK Kvinner)
    6 – Rasheedat Ajibade (Avaldsnes)
    6 – Elise Thorsnes (Avaldsnes)
    6 – Julie Blakstad (Rosenborg)
    5 – Emilie Haavi (LSK Kvinner)
    5 – Mimmi Löfwenius (LSK Kvinner / Lyn)
    5 – Kennya Cordner (Sandviken)
    5 – Dejana Stefanovic (Vålerenga)
    Show Spoiler

    4 – Elisabeth Terland (Klepp)
    4 – Johanne Fridlund (Kolbotn)
    4 – Linn Huseby (Røa)
    4 – Maria Brochmann (Sandviken)
    4 – Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir (Vålerenga)
    3 – Meryll Abrahamsen (Arna Bjørnar)
    3 – Andrea Wilmann (LSK Kvinner)
    3 – Vilde Hasund (Sandviken)
    3 – Lisa Naalsund (Sandviken)
    3 – Rikke Madsen (Vålerenga)
    2 – Kristina Erman (Arna Bjørnar)
    2 – Rikke Nygard (Arna Bjørnar)
    2 – Katarina Sunde (Arna Bjørnar)
    2 – Robyn Decker (Avaldsnes)
    2 – Katrina Gorry (Avaldsnes)
    2 – Ylinn Tennebø (Avaldsnes)
    2 – Nicole Stanton (Klepp)
    2 – Eline Hegg (Kolbotn)
    2 – Julie Hoff Klæboe (Kolbotn)
    2 – Marit Bratberg Lund (Kolbotn)
    2 – Ina Gausdal (LSK Kvinner)
    2 – Justine Vanhaevermaet (LSK Kvinner)
    2 – Emma Godø (Lyn)
    2 – Cesilie Andreassen (Rosenborg)
    2 – Sara Fornes (Rosenborg)
    2 – Elin Sørum (Rosenborg)
    2 – Lisa-Marie Utland (Rosenborg)
    2 – Kathrine Jørgensen (Røa)
    2 – Synne Jensen (Vålerenga)
    2 – Sherida Spitse (Vålerenga)
    1 – Linnéa Laupstad (Arna Bjørnar)
    1 – Pia Rijsdijk (Arna Bjørnar)
    1 – Hanna Dahl (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Anna Jøsendal (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Andrea Norheim (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Olaug Tvedten (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Sofie Bjørnsen (Klepp)
    1 – Hege Hansen (Klepp)
    1 – Isabella Hayes (Klepp)
    1 – Matilde Rogde (Klepp)
    1 – Marthine Østenstad (Klepp)
    1 – Synne S. Christiansen (Kolbotn)
    1 – Sara Hørte (Kolbotn)
    1 – CeCe Kizer (Kolbotn)
    1 – Nora Eide Lie (LSK Kvinner)
    1 – Emilie Woldvik (LSK Kvinner)
    1 – Hedda Foslie (Lyn)
    1 – Trine Skjelstad Jensen (Lyn)
    1 – Celine Nergård (Rosenborg)
    1 – Vilde Birkeli (Røa)
    1 – Oline Fuglem (Røa)
    1 – Rebecka Holum (Røa)
    1 – Hanna Terry (Røa)
    1 – Guro Bergsvand (Sandviken)
    1 – Vilde Veglo (Sandviken)
    1 – Sigrid Heien Hansen (Vålerenga)
    1 – Celin Bizet Ildhusøy (Vålerenga)
    1 – Marie Dølvik Markussen (Vålerenga)

    5 – Hanna Dahl (Avaldsnes)
    5 – Emilie Woldvik (LSK Kvinner)
    4 – Emilie Haavi (LSK Kvinner)
    4 – Cesilie Andreassen (Rosenborg)
    3 – Meryll Abrahamsen (Arna Bjørnar)
    3 – Rasheedat Ajibade (Avaldsnes)
    3 – Olaug Tvedten (Avaldsnes)
    3 – Elisabeth Terland (Klepp)
    3 – Lisa Naalsund (Sandviken)
    3 – Synne Jensen (Vålerenga)
    3 – Rikke Madsen (Vålerenga)
    3 – Sherida Spitse (Vålerenga)
    3 – Andrine Tomter (Vålerenga)
    Show Spoiler

    2 – Linnea Laupstad (Arna Bjørnar)
    2 – Isabella Hayes (Klepp)
    2 – Eline Hegg (Kolbotn)
    2 – Cathrine Dahlström (LSK Kvinner)
    2 – Nora Eide Lie (LSK Kvinner)
    2 – Andrea Wilmann (LSK Kvinner)
    2 – Una Søyland (Lyn)
    2 – Marit Clausen (Rosenborg)
    2 – Celine Nergård (Rosenborg)
    2 – Lisa-Marie Utland (Rosenborg)
    2 – Kennya Cordner (Sandviken)
    2 – Ajara Njoya (Vålerenga)
    2 – Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir (Vålerenga)
    1 – Marije Brummel (Arna Bjørnar)
    1 – Rikke Nygard (Arna Bjørnar)
    1 – Pia Rijsdijk (Arna Bjørnar)
    1 – Anna Jøsendal (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Andrea Norheim (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Ylinn Tennebø (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Elise Thorsnes (Avaldsnes)
    1 – Matilde Rogde (Klepp)
    1 – Aleksandra Sikora (Klepp)
    1 – Noor Eckhoff (Kolbotn)
    1 – Johanne Fridlund (Kolbotn)
    1 – Sara Hørte (Kolbotn)
    1 – Ingrid Bakke (Lyn)
    1 – Emma Godø (Lyn)
    1 – Camilla Linberg (Lyn)
    1 – Iselin Olsen (Lyn)
    1 – Cathinka Tandberg (Lyn)
    1 – Heidi Ellingsen (LSK Kvinner)
    1 – Sophie Haug (LSK Kvinner)
    1 – Mimmi Löfwenius (LSK Kvinner)
    1 – Justine Vanhaevermaet (LSK Kvinner)
    1 – Emilie Bragstad (Rosenborg)
    1 – Emilie Joramo (Rosenborg)
    1 – Kristine Minde (Rosenborg)
    1 – Mali Næss (Rosenborg)
    1 – Ina Vårhus (Rosenborg)
    1 – Dorthea Glorud (Røa)
    1 – Linn Huseby (Røa)
    1 – Frida Lyshoel (Røa)
    1 – Guro Bergsvand (Sandviken)
    1 – Marte Hjelmhaug (Sandviken)
    1 – Ingrid Spord (Sandviken)
    1 – Ingrid Stenevik (Sandviken)
    1 – Celin Bizet Ildhusøy (Vålerenga)
    1 – Marie Dølvik Markussen (Vålerenga)
    1 – Dejana Stefanovic (Vålerenga)

    6.38 – Emilie Haavi (LSK Kvinner, winger)
    6.15 – Cesilie Andreassen (Rosenborg, attacking midfield)
    6.15 – Emilie Woldvik (LSK Kvinner, left-back)
    6.08 – Julie Blakstad (Rosenborg, winger)
    6.08 – Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir (Vålerenga, centre-back)
    6.08 – Rasheedat Ajibade (Avaldsnes, forward)
    6.08 – Lisa Naalsund (Sandviken, central midfield)
    5.93 – Sherida Spitse (Vålerenga, central midfield)
    5.92 – Tuva Hansen (Klepp, centre-back)
    5.77 – Vilde Hasund (Sandviken, winger)

    12 Aug: Røa 1 – 2 Vålerenga *
    03 Oct: Arna Bjørnar – LSK Kvinner
    03 Oct: Avaldsnes – Kolbotn
    03 Oct: Klepp – Sandviken
    04 Oct: Rosenborg – Lyn

    * This game was played earlier because UEFA had originally scheduled the Champions League qualifiers to the beginning of October, but then changed the format and postponed everything until November.
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  21. law10

    law10 Member+

    Dec 26, 2007
    Thanks Bauser, I was really looking forward to that as always. What an interesting year.

    Vålerenga and LSK with the cool nerves and full points. Rosenberg and Avaldsnes with the weak foot on the gas and tripping up with ties against softer teams out of the chase. If they do that again it may already be to late for them to take the gold.

    Lyn - I would love to hear the story of who turned them around and how. They can go toe to toe with anyone. They may not win, but there's a good chance they'll ruin your weekend. If they drop they do so with huge pride at their season.

    After a couple losses, Sandviken wins their second 2-0 in a row. They go Klepp, Kolbotn and Røa now, all of whom will be full foot down and fighting like hell for points to avoid the drop.
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