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    The latest from Jeff Cooper.

    The Next Step
    September 7, 2007 by Jeff Cooper

    We are only a few days away from our next visit to the Collinsville City Council, which will vote on our proposal for a pre-annexation agreement that will serve as the springboard to build an 18,500-seat soccer stadium and a surrounding development intended to bring a Major League Soccer team to the St. Louis area. In the nearly four weeks that have passed since our initial presentation on Aug. 10, I have been asked by countless people about what the process will look like following the affirmative vote that we are hoping for this Monday night. What will happen in Collinsville? What is our next step with Major League Soccer? What can supporters do in the meantime?

    Those are just a few of the many questions that have come my way in person, on the phone and through email to this website. Frankly, the amount of interest our proposal continues to generate is absolutely remarkable. I will say it again -- no matter what the outcome may be, there is no question that St. Louis wants, and deserves, Major League Soccer. No other city in the race for an MLS expansion team can make such an unequivocal claim.

    First, we sincerely respect the process that has unfolded and will reach a vote on Monday night. This is truly an opportunity that may happen only once a lifetime, and for that reason alone we appreciate the efforts of the City of Collinsville and the City Council Members for carefully considering our plan. As you can imagine, we couldn't be more proud of our proposal. We think it represents a model and opportunity that will benefit Collinsville and the entire region for generations. To that end, we are extremely appreciative of the fact that the city shared the financial framework of the proposal with the news media a week ago today, to give everyone -- particularly the citizens of Collinsville -- an ample opportunity to consider its merits.

    Because we have such a respect for the process, I'm reluctant to discuss specific "next step" plans until we have received an affirmative vote from the Collinsville City Council. We hope that comes on Monday night. But, I can say that if we move forward on Monday night, we are ready to activate. I can say that we have kept Major League Soccer informed on a daily basis, and that I would very much enjoy making a phone call to MLS on Tuesday. It is important to remember that nothing happens on the project without first receiving word from MLS that we have earned an expansion franchise for the 2009 season. First thing's first ... the vote on Monday night.

    What can supporters do in the meantime? Continue to stand behind us in the same passionate and respectful manner as you have since our public presentation to the Collinsville City Council on Aug. 10. On behalf of everyone associated with St. Louis Soccer United, I thank you for reaching out to city leaders and elected officials, for asking how you can help, for creating a such a great buzz for MLS soccer in St. Louis, and much, much more. And I ask for more of the same. Never underestimate the difference you can make.

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