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Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by RevsRule, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. JoeSoccerFan

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    Aug 11, 2000
    While I'm anxiously awaiting the draw, I'm not sure that there is a good seed. I guess if we host CR and MEX in the summer (August and Sept) that that could minimize the home field (cold affect). The best we could do is host CR/Mex on Feb 9th and the other on October 8th - I don't want to have the last game on Oct 12th at home needing a result against CR or Mex.

    Matchday 1 February 9 1 v 2 3 v 4 5 v 6
    Matchday 2 March 26/27 3 v 1 2 v 5 4 v 6
    Matchday 3 March 30 1 v 4 6 v 2 5 v 3
    Matchday 4 June 4/5 5 v 1 2 v 4 6 v 3
    Matchday 5 June 8 1 v 6 3 v 2 4 v 5
    Matchday 6 August 17 2 v 1 4 v 3 6 v 5
    Matchday 7 September 3/4 1 v 3 5 v 2 6 v 4
    Matchday 8 September 7 4 v 1 2 v 6 3 v 5
    Matchday 9 October 8/9 1 v 5 4 v 2 3 v 6
    Matchday 10 October 12 6 v 1 2 v 3 5 v 4

    Which means we must be either 1 or 3 and Mex/CR must be either 2 and 5 or 4 and 6 respectively.
  2. cocreator

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    Oct 27, 2004
    i was under the impression that the draw was going to occur today, nov 30.

    which is monday.

    It wasn't moved to the 1st was it?

    Also, what time do you guys think we will be able to see the schedule.?

    since the draw is going to occur in switzerland i am assuming that we should be able to view it fairly early
    since they are about nine hrs ahead of us..well at least the west coast where i live.

    goodbye :)
  3. JoeSoccerFan

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    Aug 11, 2000
    Nov 30th is Tuesday. Today (Monday) is the 29th.

    Long week-ends can really mess up days and DOW. ;)

    I don't have the time that the draw is scheduled.
  4. nancyb

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    Jun 30, 2000
    Falls Church, VA
    DC United
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    United States
    And they don't make it easy to find info like that on the FIFA or CONCACAF websites, either.
  5. soccerfan

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    Mar 13, 1999
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    How do they determine the seeds , is it random draw ?

    using FIFA rankings could be an easy way to do

    seeds(Fifa ranking)
    1. Mexico(8) 2. USA(11) 3.Costa Rica(27) 4. Guatemala(62) 5. T&T (64) 6. Panama(101)
  6. JoeSoccerFan

    JoeSoccerFan Member+

    Aug 11, 2000
    they're not seeds - it is a random draw.

    tomorrow 0700 EST.
  7. Adam Zebrowski

    Adam Zebrowski New Member

    May 28, 1999
    in terms of player importance during the hex, to me, it's donovan and beasley who need to perform....

    if they can play to their talent consistently, I think it opens up opportunities for eddie johnson...

    and the other key element is defensive soundness....

    the object will be to limit danger towards ones goal, and then create danger, and obviously finish at the other end...

    arena will use a number of players, looking for match-ups to exploit.....

    it'll take a very bizarre set of circumstances for usa not to advance....

    read match-fixing as that set...
  8. I. Tristeza

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    Oct 7, 2004
    San Antonio, Texas
    Australia and New Zealand call it soccer. And I would guess a few other smaller English speaking countries or territories might as well.

    FIFA needs to hurry up and have the CONCACAF Hex draw...I am apparently desperate for things to post.

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