The NEW IRAQ loves our freedoms..

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    In the mainly Shi'ite south, for example, Basra's three cinemas closed for two weeks after young men on motorbikes turned up warning that if they showed "sinful" movies they would be burned down.

    When they re-opened, sex was off the agenda and it was back to Arabic movies and U.S. action films -- the staple of prewar cinema bills.


    Yeah, the freedom to terrorize your neighbor becuase he watches porn. Wow, these guys could probably be in the Texas Supreme Court.

    I heard a newstory on NPR about a shop keeper who was shot in the head becuase his store carried western magazines or something...that's real freedom.
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    In addition to the Bush administration still being on Halliburton's payroll, maybe Vivid Video has been slipping campaign contributions to Republicans on the sly?
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    They do both like to fuck massive amounts of people, so you may have a point.
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    That was a good one. I gotta hand it to you..
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    Apr 8, 2002
    I ... interestingly had, uh, dated ...
    a woman in the Eisenhower Administration
    ... briefly ... and, uh, it was ironic to
    me 'cause, uh . . . tsch . . . 'cause I
    was trying to, u-u-uh, do to her what
    Eisenhower has been doing to the country
    for the last eight years.
    -Woody Allen (Annie Hall)

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