The "I saw Eric Gehrig running downtown . . . and I did not boo him" Thread

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by Ch(Elsey), Mar 14, 2012.

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    Mark Williams, who lasted IIRC five games with the Crew before shipping back to nowhere with his porn star wife Linsey McKenzie who was best known for having huge tracts of land.

    Someone claimed to have seen her at a game but that was never verified.


    Yeah boy, Andrulis sure knew talent. Kicked a hometown star to the curb for a bum like Williams.
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    If I recall correctly, Mark Williams - Northern Ireland international! - was cautioned in all five games he played for Columbus. That's an interesting achievement. I guess you'd have to admire his consistency.

    Edit: The woman Bill mentioned might be Williams's wife, but I think he was dating someone different when he played for Columbus. I want to say her name was Leilani something.
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    What a joy this trip down memory lane has been.

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