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    Founded: 20 July, 1920 as VV Heerenveen. Name changed into SC Heerenveen on 1 June, 1977.
    City: Heerenveen
    Stadium: Abe Lenstra Stadium
    Capacity: 14,300
    Official website:

    The history of Heerenveen goes back to 1902. In 1920 the name of the football-club Heerenveen was turned into v.v. Heerenveen.

    In the season 1990/1991 sc Heerenveen played in the Eredivisie for the first time. Since 1993 the club has turned out to be a real cupfighter. In 1993 Heerenveen reaches the Cup Final versus Ajax and in 1995 the semi-final versus Feyenoord (0- 1), in 1997 the final versus Roda JC (2-4) and in 1998 the semi-final versus Ajax. At the end of this football season sc Heerenveen have qualified for European Cup-11 football through a splendid victory over FC Twente with 3- 1. Also in the Eredivisie the Frisian football-club achieves good results. From a 13th position in 1993/1994 to a 7th position in 1996/1997. In 1997/1998 the club had gained a 6th position. The European Cup adventure however, does not turn out to be the biggest success. In the early second round sc Heerenveen got eliminated by Varteks Varazdin.

    In 1999 sc Heerenveen, with a tied 5th position, did not “gain” any price, but in 2000 it’s “bull’s eye”: a very strong season ends with a second place after the champion PSV, which means the biggest success ever in the history of the club.

    In the first round of the Champions League sc Heerenveen was grouped together with Valencia, Olympique Lyon and Olympiakos. sc Heerenveen won the home match with 1-0 from Olympiakos and played the away match against Valencia with a 1-1 draw. Unfortunately after the first round the unique European adventure for sc Heerenveen was over. In the national league the success was not so great either.

    The season 2001-2002 was successful for sc Heerenveen. For a while they were on track to achieve a Champions League position but in the end they ended 4th which entitled sc Heerenveen to play the UEFA cup tournament.

    The season 2002-2003 did not start very well for sc Heerenveen. As a result of changes and injuries within the team the results were at first not good. In the second part of the competition sc Heerenveen improved and had a higher position on the ranking. At one part there was even the possibility to finish at a position which meant participation in the UEFA Cup competition, unfortunately this aim was not achieved as sc Heerenveen finished in the seventh place on the ranking.


    1990/1991 - I st year Eredivisie
    1991/1992 - I st division
    1991/1992 - Club of the year
    1992/1993 - Cup Final versus Ajax in Rotterdam: 23,000 supporters are travelling to 1992/1993 - Rotterdam with Heerenveen
    1992/1993 - Promotion to Eredivisie
    1993/1994 - 13th position Eredivisie
    1993/1994 - Amstel Cup
    1994/1995 - 9th position in Eredivisie
    1994/1995 - Amstel Cup semi-final versus Feyenoord
    1994/1995 - Intertoto League quarter final versus Bordeaux
    1995/1996 - 7th position in Eredivisie
    1995/1996 - Amstel Cup semi-final versus Feyenoord
    1995/1996 - Intertoto league
    1995/1996 - Fair Play Award
    1996/1997 - 7th position in Eredivsie
    1996/1997 - Amstel Cup Final versus Roda JC, 25,000 supporters are travelling to 1996/1997 - the match to join their team
    1996/1997 - Intertoto league
    1997/1998 - 6th position Eredivisie
    1997/1998 - sc Heerenveen qualify for European Cup
    1997/1998 - Club of the Year
    1997/1998 - Foppe de Haan, Coach of the Year
    1998/1999 - 5th position Eredivisie (tied)
    1998/1999 - Intertoto League
    1999/2000 - 2nd position Eredivisie
    1999/2000 - Champions League qualification
    2000/2001 - 10th position Eredivisie
    2000/2001 - Intertoto league / Club of the year / Foppy de Haan, Coach of the year
    2001/2002 - 4th position Eredivisie
    2001/2002 - UEFA-cup
    2002/2003 - 7th position Eredivisie

    Fan base:
    The club plays in the town with the same name, which only has about 28.000 inhabitants. In a few years time when the modern stadium will have doubled its capacity to Heerenveen will surely be one of the very few football clubs in the world with a stadium that could host the total population of the place it is based in. Heerenveen hails from Fryslan, a rural province with 650.000 inhabitants and with a strong sense of history and tradition. Fryslan has its own language (more Anglo-Saxon than the Germanic Dutch) and culture and is often regarded as a rather proud 'nation within a nation'.

    Heerenveen plays in an outfit that resembles the Frisian flag: blue and white vertical stripes with diagonal red 'hearts' that are called 'pompeblêden' in the indigenous language, the name for a certain type of water lily (Nympaea alba). At the start of every home game in the Dutch league the Frisian anthem is played, sounding almost as impressive as a sold-out Cardiff Arms Park before a Welsh national rugby game.

    Frisian Anthem
    Frysk bloed tsjoch op!
    Wol no ris brûze en siede,
    en bûnzje troch ús ieren om.
    Flean op, wy sjonge it bêste lân fan d'ierde,
    it Fryske lân fol eare en rom.
    Klink dan en daverje fier yn it rûn.
    Dyn âlde eare, o Fryske grûn,
    klink dan en daverje fier yn it rûn,
    Dyn âlde eare, o Fryske grûn.
    Trochloftig folk fan dizze alde namme,
    wez jimmer op dy alders great;
    bliuw ivich fan dy grize hege stamme in grien,
    in kreftich bloeijend leat,
    klink dan en daverje fier yn it roun,
    dyn alde eare, o Fryske groun!

    The Stadium
    The being builed doubled stadium with a partical second ring:

    Stadium attendance:
    2002/2003 - 14,188
    2001/2002 - 13,813
    2000/2001 - 13,768
    1999/2000 - 13,608
    1998/1999 - 13,279
    1997/1998 - 13,274
    1996/1997 - 12,724
    1995/1996 - 12,682
    1994/1995 - 8,482
    1993/1994 - 8,174
    1992/1993 - 8,888
    1991/1992 - 3,761
    1990/1991 - 4,605
    1989/1990 - 3,278

    Famous ex players whom still are playing:
    Players of international repute why played for Heerenveen are ]on Dahl Tomasson (ex Newcastle United and Feyenoord, now with AC Milan), Igor Korneev (ex-Barcelona and Feijenoord), Ruud van Nistelrooij (Manchester United), and the Swedish international Marcus Allbäck, who is now playing for Aston Villa.


    August 17 - FC Volendam - sc Heerenveen
    August 23 - sc Heerenveen - Feyenoord
    August 29 - Willem II - sc Heerenveen
    September 13 - sc Heerenveen - FC Groningen
    September 20 - AZ - sc Heerenveen
    September 27 - sc Heerenveen - FC Twente
    October 4 - sc Heerenveen - RKC Waalwijk
    October 18 - PSV - sc Heerenveen
    October 18 - sc Heerenveen - NEC
    November 2 - FC Utrecht - sc Heerenveen
    November 8 - sc Heerenveen - FC Zwolle
    November 23 - Ajax - sc Heerenveen
    December 3 - sc Heerenveen - ADO Den Haag
    December 7 - NAC Breda - sc Heerenveen
    December 13 - RBC Roosendaal - sc Heerenveen
    December 19 - sc Heerenveen - Roda JC

    January 24 - Vitesse - sc Heerenveen
    January 28 - sc Heerenveen - Ajax
    February 7 - sc Heerenveen - NAC Breda
    February 11 - RKC Waalwijk - sc Heerenveen
    February 14 - sc Heerenveen - Willem II
    February 21 - sc Heerenveen - PSV
    February 28 - NEC - sc Heerenveen
    March 7 - Feyenoord - sc Heerenveen
    March 13 - sc Heerenveen - Volendam
    March 19 - Fc Groningen - sc Heerenveen
    March 27 - sc Heerenveen - RBC Roosendaal
    April 3 - Roda JC - sc Heerenveen
    April 10 - sc Heerenveen - FC Utrecht
    April 17 - FC Zwolle - sc Heerenveen
    April 24 - sc Heerenveen - Vitesse
    May 1 - ADO Den Haag - sc Heerenveen
    May 9 - sc Heerenveen - AZ
    May 16 - FC Twente - sc Heerenveen
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    Volendam - Heerenveen 0-1
    Newly promoted outfit Volendam return to the Eredivisie with a 0-1 home defeat at the hands of Heerenveen after Swedish striker Stefan Selakovic netted from the penaly spot. Volendam began well when Lindsay Wilson hit the post in the 15th minute. However, five minutes later former Ajax midfielder Richard Knopper nearly opened the score for Heerenveen but his shot was well saved by Robert van Westerop. On the half hour mark Volendam defender Brian Tevreden pulled down Antonio Correia in the penalty area. and referee Dick van Egmond awarded the visitors penalty. Selakovic had no trouble in converting the spot-shot. The second half was less entertaining with Heerenveen dominating but unable to create chances in front of goal.
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    Jul 7, 2000
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    Heerenveen - Feyenoord 1-0
    Foppe de Haan's flying Frisians won their second game of the new season, this time beating Rotterdam giants Feyenoord 1-0 after former Ajax striker Gerald Sibon scored the only goal of the game midway through the first act. Sibon, who joined Heerenveen this summer from English club Sheffield Wednesday, scored with the first shot of the game after Feyenoord keeper Edwin Zoetebier misjudged Erik Edman's free-kick allowing the ball to land by Sibon who lobbed the ball into an empty net from sixteen meters. After the break Feyeenord upped the tempo but their forwards were unable to penetrate Heerenveen's defence.
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    Jul 7, 2000
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    Willem II - Heerenveen 2-0
    Willem II, who were shell shocked after being whipped 6-1 by PSV last week, regained themselves last night with a 2-0 victory over high-flying Heerenveen. Fopper de Haan's Heerenveen, who won their two previous Eredivisie matches of the season and who hadn't conceded a goal before tonight's game, found themselves trailing in the second minute as Anour Hadouir put the home side ahead. In the 31st minute of the game Dmitri Shoukov completed the scoring to give Willem their second win of the season.
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    Jul 7, 2000
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    Heerenveen - Groningen 1-0
    Heerenveen were lucky to book a 1-0 home win this evening after being completely outclassed by Groningen for the majority of the game but were denied by an inform South African international goalie Hans Vonk. In the 38th minute of the game Petter Hansson scored the one and opnly goal of the game after nodding in a Said Bakkati free-kick. In the second act Groningen pressed forward and were able to produce a number of good chances in front of goal. However all their efforts were in vain with the impressive Vonk defending Heerenveen's goal.
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    AZ - Heerenveen 3-1
    AZ continue to progress under coach Co Adriaanse and have now climbed into 3rd place after beating Heerenveen for the first time ever. AZ took a deserved lead in the 12th minute through Ali Elkhattabi who colly lobbed over Heerenveen goalie Hans Vonk. Although former Sheffield Wednesday striker Gerald Sibon came close to scoring a couple of minutes later, it wasn't until two minutes before half-time before the visitors were able to make a serious attempt at goal when Mika Vayrynen shot rebounded off the post to Richard Knopper who had no trouble in tapping-in from close range for the 1-1.
    However, on the stroke half-time Barry van Galen netted a spot-shot for the home-side after Said Bakkatti had fouled Kenneth Perez. In the second act After the break AZ increased the gap to two goals when Perez nodded in a Michael Buskermolen cross.
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    Jul 7, 2000
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    Heerenveen - Twente 3-0
    Former Ajax forwards Gerald Sibon (2x) and Richard Knopper (1x) scored goals this evening to help retain Heerenveen's 100% home record after beating Twente 3-0. Richard Knopper opened the score for the Home-side ain the ninth-minute after rounding off a one-two with defender said Bakkati, with a hard shot in to the back of the net. Six minutes later Heerenveen skipper Sibon doubled the lead after Twente goalie ten Rouwelaar fumbled an Erik Edman cross leaving Sibon to tap-in from close range. In the 60th minute Sibon completed his brace and the final scoreline when back-latching on to a Georgios Samaras shot.

    Heerenveen - RKC 1-0
    Out of favour Ajax striker Richard Knopper, who is on loan to Heerenveen, helped maintain the Frisians 100% home record after scoring the one and only goal of their match against Martin Jol's RKC in first-half injury time.
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    This is impressive stuff.

    I noticed the recent years' attendance at the Abe Lenstra Stadion is impressive considering the total population of the town.

    One of these days I plan to make it there; perhaps even for a derby against Groningen.

    Are you one of the average 14000 who make it to the stadium?
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    Where do you think
    Liverpool FC
    Nat'l Team:

    And good young Dutch players at Heerenveen (either 1st team, reserves or youth) that we should be on the lookout for?
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    In 2005 the stadium will have a capacity of 28.000. That'll be something.
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    Groningen - Heerenveen is March 19, so if you need a ticket...:D
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    Thanks for the offer.

    Currently there is talk about travelling to NL but this is planned to take place during the first week of February. I'm don't know yet if I can make it due to work.
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    As if we here in America haven't had enough of P$V on our local satellite/cable channel, the trip coincides with the Ajax match against.....PSV.

    And Ajax haven't exactly had a good home record againt the 'bulbs in recent years.

    But jokes aside, it doesn't matter who the opponent is, as long as it's live action, it's all good.
    (Damn that bluedaddy guy....)
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    United States
    Richard Knopper is having a great season for the guys with the Hearts on their shirts

    I know they aren't supposed to be hearts, but they look like them.
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    Shouldn't this be updated?
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    I am waiting for a victory ;)
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    oh you gloryhunter.......:D
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    NEC Nijmegen-2

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