The Greeks Cheated the Israel match?!?!

Discussion in 'Israel: National Teams' started by Kappa18, Apr 9, 2009.

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    :) According to FIFA, the Swiss FA ..... and potentially the Israeli FA (under the investigation...) Greek fans used laser pointers in the match, when a pentalty kick was taken......

    The only 3 punishments that come to mind are: Barring the fans, Technical tie/loss or Fining them :) I prefer the 2nd :devil:

    Soccer / World Cup Qualifiers / FIFA to probe Greek fans over laser pointed at Israel's goalie Dudu Awat
    By Moshe Boker

    Diehard Israeli fans yesterday had their World Cup qualifying hopes raised slightly after it was announced that FIFA will probe the conduct of Greek fans during Israel's losing 2-1 effort.

    FIFA announced it would investigate a complaint put forward by the Swiss Football Association that lasers were pointed at Israeli goalie Dudu Awat in order to distract him during the crucial penalty kick which won the match for Greece.

    Israel Football Association officials yesterday played down speculation that Greece might be struck with a technical defeat.

    Awat himself commented yesterday on Army Radio saying it would be "ridiculous" to ask FIFA to disqualify the Greek victory.

    "We have full faith in FIFA and its institutions and we're awaiting its findings," the IFA spokesman said. "We have nothing more to add."

    Switzerland filed a similar complaint against Greece in October 2008, claiming its goalkeepe r was blinded by lasers pointed at him by supporters in the stands. Greece is most likely to be punished with a fine or have spectators barred from attending one of it's matches.
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    Reminds me of the 2000 US elections. If my man Gore had won after all the recounts, he still would have lost because his election would hardly seem legitimate.

    Same as if the Greeks were given a loss or tie. Don't get me wrong, laser pointers at keepers is just f***d up. But punishing them with a direct result like that will only heap more problems on Israel and make us look like cheaters.

    TBH, it's not like Aouate would have stopped the penalty anyway. And Kiyal is to blame, not some stupid fans with laser pointers who want to mess up a match.
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    Technical loss or draw has 0% chance of happening, the swiss had the same problem, but they won there game so it would be unfair towards the swiss.

    Option 3 seems the most likely.

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