Review: The Game of Their Lives-Geoffrey Douglas

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    Not many books about the USMNT out there. This one is an absolute winner. Tells the story of the 1950 WC match between the USA and England. England heavily favored to win (some were predicting a 12-0 rout. Let's just say that the score ended up not being that lopsided.)The US team had first played together 2 weeks before the WC. Lost their first match to Spain 3-1 (IIRC).After their next match, they never played together again. This book is extremely well written. The author knows his football.
    These young men may just be the reason that there is, so many decades later, a USMNT and MLS.
    Do yourself a favor-buy this book.
    PS There is a movie of the same name which is not available on my cable. :( A small 5ish minute snippet is available on YouTube. If anyone knows where to watch the whole movie, I would deeply appreciate them letting usknow. :)
    PPS No, I am not the author ;)

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