The Galaxy compared to other sports teams.

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    Feb 26, 1999
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    This almost proves the point.
    Like it or not, to an American sports fan, the league playoffs are where all the marbles are stored. Teams that win their division, or turn in the best record in the league, or win when no one's looking but fail to win league titles are not only not champions, but are deserving of special derision and scorn.

    If the culture were different, the Atlanta Braves could dance in front of their half dozen or so Scudettos. But it isn't, so they can't.
    I have to debate this, though. MLS and LA officials weren't even trying to improve the team in the record book through these acquisitions. They were trying to sell tickets through blatant ethnic pandering. In Hermosillo's case, everyone suspected he was too old to be a major piece of a championship team, and in Hernandez's case, the team gave up so much to get him that he'd have to have been all-world to improve them.

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