The "Eredivisie" (= League of Honour) worthy of it's name

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  1. From last year up to the end of the memorable match of the Orange machine on the 13th of june 2014 people (especially from Anglo saxon countries) were mocking our chances to make any impression at all in the WC'14.
    But hey, there we were. At a given moment 7 out of eleven players from the Eredivisie against players from top teams in socalled top leagues. And guess what...we were undefeated.
    The only league doing better than we was the Bundesliga.

    Proud of the "Eredivisie", proud of Feyenoord's Academy and proud of the Orange team:inlove:
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    Oct 30, 2013
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    Who was mocking the Dutch team? What was said was that the Dutch were not expecting as good a performance as 4 years ago. There was also comment that a lot of hope was being put into Van Gaal getting the most out of the team. No doubt his move to Man U increased the emphasis on this point. We also noted that you were in a very tough group. Be in no doubt that no-one in England would have mocked the Netherlands prior to the tournament. We would certainly have expected more from you than from us.

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