The Creation of " A Football Day" in US

Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by Bauvafa, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Bauvafa

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    Oct 12, 2001
    I think more efforts need to be put to promote the game of football in US. Why not have a national "Football Day" when the fans can gather in all major cities and have a carnaval, a celebration with food , music, carnaval displaying football skills.

    I really think this would have a major impact on the average guy and help educate them about the game.

    How about that?

    Anyone in favor of a "National Football Day"????
  2. nicodemus

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    Sep 3, 2001
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    You'd have to call in "A Day of Soccer" or something like that, because we have "Football Day" every weekend in the fall.
  3. Stilger

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    Nov 7, 2002
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    We have a "football day" every weekend.

    If you mean a "soccer day" I'm not sure how many would show up, soccer being the 50th or so most popular sport in this country.

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