The childhood soccer of Crystal Dunn -- an environment that no longer exists

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    There is a lot to be said for the development model that previously existed but there is also a lot against it being "best."

    I believe that if soccer is allowed to be fun and good skills taught many of the best players will develop and rise to the top. However I have seen many cases where a player with real potential gets lost in the system due to the coach's favoritism and/or biases. Dunn seems to have avoided that problem but I still wonder how many of the best get overlooked.

    I think the problem is worse on the boy's men's side than it is on the girl's women's but it can be seen on both.
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    Way, way worse. Youth boys are so over coached at a young age it’s pathetic. Blowhard know it all youth coaches puffing their chests out with how many stupid coaching licenses they have. It’s the single worse problem in the boys game today.

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