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Discussion in 'United Soccer Leagues' started by Freddy Garcia Lives, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Freddy Garcia Lives

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    With BYU getting slaughtered ther first year, and now at the end of their third year they stand a good chance at ending with a winning record and just missing the playoffs (currently 7 wins 7 losses and 1 tie) is this a good thing for the PDL, teams in the club level situation that BYU was in, and the sport in general? Lets get some thoughts.
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    Mar 5, 2002
    Anything that gets players more experience and development is a good thing. The more players playing at a higher level will improve the overall quality of US soccer.
  3. joxash

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    Apr 29, 2005
    I feel that it will depend greatly on how many university clubs take this route. The one or two odd schools that persue this method would probably not affect the PDL that much. On the other hand if it becomes widely followed it could change the PDL beyond recognition. Take Texas for example. Currently there are four reasonably good and sound PDL teams, El Paso, Austin, Laredo and Dallas. Now if the universities decide that forming PDL club teams will shut up those voices that are clamoring for D1 soccer, then you are faced with teams from U of Texas, A&M, Tex Tech, Tex. State and many others. Personally I don't see the existing PDL teams being able to compete long term with those guys in terms of facilities and travel support.

    I am sure there are lots of other variables I am overlooking. But at least at first glance I would be nervous for the small college and non-college players who currently make up most of the PDL if thte 800 lb universities start throwing their weight around.

    Waco Joe
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    Don't forget that the BYU club is not part of their Athletic department. They get some funds from the university like any other club. But they still have to raise funds and pay for things on their own. They were an existing club that changed from the fall club season to the summer PDL seasons. I think most of the Texas schools you mentioned already have club teams, so for the most part it would be them changing seasons to the summer. I'm not sure if they would get that much more support from their schools. I veiw the move to PDL as just another option club programs to these schools.
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    bump...the end:

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    BYU opts out of PDL to return to college club soccer.

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