The Best Team in Asia: 1972 - Present

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    Jul 8, 2002
    This is how I view the Asia's best teams through the years. What do you think?

    The Best in Each Era

    1972 -- 1978

    IRAN: winner of 3 consecutive Asian Cups (1968, 1972, 1976), 2 consecutive Olympic qualifications (1972, 1976), the 1974 Asian Games, and the sole qualifier from all of the AFC/OFC for the 1978 World Cup.

    Other Notables: (Israel), South Korea.

    1978 -- 1984

    KUWAIT: 1980 Asian Cup champions and Asia's representative to the 1982 World Cup. Nonetheless, Kuwait's accomplishments were at home, with even their World Cup qualification from a group they hosted. Success, however, begets success and winning the Asian Cup and qualifying for the World Cup, helped Kuwait become the top side in Asia in this period. Iran, however, remained at worst a very close second on merit, even if political troubles and war took much of the spotlight (as well as homefield advantage) away from it.

    Other Notables: Iran, South Korea.

    1984 -- 1990.

    PROBABLY SOUTH KOREA. No Asian team showed cleared dominance. Although Saudi Arabia would win two consecutive Asian Cups in this period, their victory in each instance left a lot of questions. In 1984, their victory over Iran in the semifinal was seen as a major fluke, helped by an Iranian mix up that caused an unnecessary own goal late in the game, taking the match to penalties. In the 1988 Asian Cup, beaten finalist S.Korea had a far better tournament than the Saudis, only losing the final to them on penalty kicks. In this period, I would pick South Korea, one of Asian representatives to the 1986 and 1990 World Cups, as the continent's top team.

    Other Notables: Saudi Arabia, Iraq.

    1990 -- 1996

    SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia would not win the 1992 Asian Cup, with the honor going to hosts Japan. But they had made the final again, and then qualified to the 1994 World Cup winning top position in a unified AFC group. And, of course, in 1994, Saudi Arabia became the only Asian team then (since N.Korea in 1966) to make the round of 16 in the World Cup, with victories over Belgium and Morocco. Finally, they won the 1996 Asian Cup, although not without controvery and not looking quite a champion.

    Other Notables: South Korea, Japan, UAE.

    1996 -- 2002.

    Because the 2002 World Cup was co-hosted by two Asian sides, affecting the criteria I have used, I have chosen to sub-divide this period: 1996-2000; 2000-Present.


    IRAN. The only title Iran took in this period was the 1998 Asian Games gold medal, but Iran was Asia's best performer in the 1998 World Cup and was generally regarded as the best Asian team in the 1996 Asian Cup.

    Other Notables:

    Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea.

    2000 -- Present

    JAPAN. Japan has shown itself as Asia's most articulate side in recent years, winning the 2000 Asian Cup with great style. Although out-performed by co-hosts South Korea in the 2002 World Cup, Japan also advanced to the round of 16 and lost to the same team, Turkey, that defeated the Koreans in the 3rd place match.

    Other Notables:

    South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran.
  2. Bauvafa

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    Oct 12, 2001
    very nice break down of events and leaders.

    I only think that 2000-present is a toss up between Japan, Korea and Iran and constantly changing.

    Currently Korean team is going thru turmoil but it doesn't mean they won't be ready for AC2004. Japan hasn't been very active on the Asian seen since they are the current champions.

    As far as Asian Cup 2004, I think the team with most momentum going into the tournament may be the favorite. So I would look for how Iran finishes the remaining 4 games. The upcoming AC will prove to be the most compatetive ever since it started, many smaller footballing nations across Asia are starting to claim their presence and will continue to challenge the traditional power houses.
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    Feb 18, 2002

    I generally agree, except few points (actually I wouldnt know anything that happened before 96). First of all, although Iran had better results than SK in the WC, it was a wideheld belif that SK was the best in Asia proven through WC qualifying (although they were in a different group from Saudi and Iran) where they did not lose a single game to qualify.

    Secondly, if you stay away from the results (and even the referees) in WC, SK played better football than Japan. Korea dominated the qualifying rounds, and evenly matched italy. They lost to turkey in a match where Hiddink allowed players who hadn't played before to participate for experience sake.

    Domination of Japan ended at May of 2002. Its safe to say Korea was the best for exactly one year, until they lost two frigging matches to vietnam and oman.
  4. "Simply Ken"

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    Jul 8, 2002

    Thanks. Lets hope Iran does as well as some hope. We do have talented youngsters, but the crop from 1996-2000 was quite exceptional, even if not always properly utilized.


    I agree with you about the 2002 World Cup. In that particular tournament, S.Korea outperformed Japan. If I was just going to pick the team for 2002, it would be S.Korea without a doubt. But the period I examined includes more than the 2002 World Cup, going back to the 2000 Asian Cup. Overall, for that period, Japan was Asia's best.

    I don't agree with you about S.Korea in 1996-1998. Winning a qualification group, where you basically defeated Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the UAE, while spliting your matches against Japan, is not enough to rate S.Korea as Asia's best team.

    Except for Japan's rise towards the end of the qualifiers, where they began doing much better, the other sides in that group were not that good.

    All this is more true when you consider S.Korea's horrendous 1996 Asian Cup experience, as well as their foregetable World Cup 98 games. When all that is put in the balance, I wouldn't pick South Korea as Asia's top team in that period. There are some who did, mostly from outside of Asia, whose knowledge of Asian teams was derived mostly from what they saw every 4 years. And what they saw was S.Korea making it to the tournament consistently, whereas others would not.

    The reason for that anamoly, particularly taking into account the fact that S.Korea's record in the World Cup itself --- until 2002 -- was not better than many Asian teams that had made, is found somewhere other than the Koreans not caring about the Asian Cup. The real reason for S.Korea's successive success, IMO, is that they have been almost always "one of the best" .

    Besides, history shows that teams that succeed in one tournament, generally find a tradition that helps bring further success later in the same tournament. For S.Korea's, the successful tournament has been the the World Cup Qualifiers. But even then, no one should think that the Koreans were necessarily dominating the AFC in qualifying to the World Cup. In fact, only ONCE has S.Korea WON an All-Asia, unified, final qualifying group: in 1989 for the 1990 World Cup.

    Interestingly, that time period also corresponds neatly with S.Korea's best Asian Cup in recent memory: the 1988 Asian Cup. In that Asian Cup, S.Korea went without a loss and finished second, only losing the final to Saudi Arabia on penalties.
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    Mar 13, 2002
    Bundang, Korea
    Has any other country ever won an all-asia, unified, final qualifying group? Just curious.
  6. "Simply Ken"

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    Jul 8, 2002


    For the 1978 World Cup, Iran won a unified final qualifying group with a record of 6 wins and 2 draws in a home-away format, without a single loss throughout the prelminary or final qualifying. In that year, the AFC and the OFC combined were allowed only 1 representative for the World Cup, which meant that Iran finished on top with Australia in the group as well the top Asian teams.

    For the 1982 World Cup, the AFC was allowed only 1 team to represent it, although the OFC was not included. Kuwait won the group, albeit the format was not home-away but saw the group in Kuwait.

    For the 1990 World Cup, S.Korea won a unified final group, with 3 wins and draws, with UAE finishing second. The top 2 went to the World Cup.

    For the 1994 World Cup, Saudi Arabia won a unified final group, with South Korea finishing second. The top 2 went to the World Cup. The contest that year, in fact, was very close, with a late goal by Iraq against Japan in the last match as I recall booking S.Korea's ticket at Japan's expense.

    In other years, the qualifiers didn't feature a single group. For the 1986 World Cup, in fact, S.Korea's road was quite an easy one. You had to win a group with a bunch of minnows, the strongest of which was Malaysia which actually beat S.Korea in the first game. Then all you had to do was beat Indonesia and then Japan -- neither top Asian teams at the time.

    When I look at all these results carefully, I find S.Korea's closest to being the best in Asia in the late 1980s. That is the one time that you did win a unified final qualifying group (1989 for the 1990 World Cup). It is also the time period where you had a very strong showing in the Asian Cup, being unfortunate to lose the final on penalties but finishing with a better record than the champions Saudi Arabia.
  7. "Simply Ken"

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    Jul 8, 2002
    Standings for the 1978 Qualifiers:
    Home-Away format

    (Country, Wins, Draws, Losses, Points, GD)

    WCQ for 1978 WC (teams in CAP qualified)

    1. IRAN............6...2...0...14...+9
    2. Korea Rep.... 3...4...1...10...+4
    3. Kuwait.........4...1...3....9....+5
    4. Australia.......3...1...4....8....+7
    5. Hong Kong....0..0...8....0....-21

    Standings for the 1982 Qualifiers:
    All Games Played in Kuwait (Centralized format)

    *Note: Iran boycotted the qualifiers for 1982 and 1986 after an AFC decision that Iran would not be allowed to host any games due to the war

    WCQ for 1982 World Cup (teams in CAP qualified)

    1. KUWAIT.....3....0....0...6...+12
    2. Korea Rep..2....0....1...4....+3
    3. Malaysia....0....1....2...1....-5
    4. Thailand....0....1....2...1...-10

    Standings for the 1990 Qualifiers:
    Draw determined Venue/Homeside

    WCQ for 1990 World Cup (teams in CAPS qualified)

    1. KOREA REP...3...2..0...8....+4
    2. UAE............1...4..0...6....+1
    3. Qatar..........1...3..1...4....-1
    4. China...........2..0...3..4....-1
    5. Saudi Arabia..1..2..2...4....-3

    Standings for the 1994 Qualifiers:
    All Matches in Qatar (Centralized Venue)

    WCQ for 1990 World Cup (teams in CAPS qualified)

    1. SAUDI ARABIA....2...3...0...7...+2
    2. KOREA REP........2...2...1...6....+5
    3. Japan...............2...2...1...5....+3
    4. Iraq.................1...3...1...5....0
    5. Iran.................2...0...3...4....-3
    6. N.Korea............1...0...4...2....-7
  8. Saudi Bill

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    Aug 6, 2001
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    I would have picked Saudi and Korea as joint top teams, one got 2 asain cups, and the other 2 WC spots. Dont forget saudi won the youth world cup in scotland in that same period (86 was it?).

    No qualms about the rest, nicely done Simply Ken.
  9. Korean Football

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    Apr 21, 2001
    Ken, I like how the time period before 1972 is all of a sudden gone. ;)

    I'd say the 50s~60s were S.Korea's time period. I mean, even ditching the fact that Korea was the first to qualify through qualis in the 50s, it won the first two Asian Cups(60s). Considering that Korea was able to beat teams like Iran(which were still pretty good in Asia back then) by a goal margin of 2~5 goals, I think the 50s~60s goes to S.Korea although N.Korea did reach the quarterfinals of WC66.
  10. Korean Football

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    Apr 21, 2001
    Re: Re: The Best Team in Asia: 1972 - Present

    S.Korea was the first team from Asia to qualify by storming through the qualification round. The second place of SK's group(Japan) beat the second place of the other AFC group(Iran). South Korea secured the WC spot before 2 last games.

    Iran did get the most points at the WC98(afterall, a win at the WC is a whopping 3 points). However, considering that all Asian teams were grouped differently, I don't know if it's too fair to just say Iran was the best. Afterall, Iran was the last team from Asia to qualify to the World Cup. And had the World Cup entrance not get enlarged from 24-teams(WC94) to 32-teams(WC98), Iran wouldn't even have made it. (Interestingly, whenever Iran qualified to the World Cup, that was the year in which the WC added the number of participants)

    S.Korea tied Belgium at WC98. Would that be easier than winning against USA in WC98? This question is hard to answer because USA wasn't such a team to look for at the time.

    No doubt that Iran wins the 70s department, but I don't know about 96~2000.
    Even for the Asian Games 1998(the last AG tournament without an age restriction), Iran sent an almost-full-team whereas Japan and S.Korea sent an U-21 teams. Saudi Arabia doesn't even participate that tournament.
    Japan went to the second round of the Atlanta Olympics 1996.
  11. "Simply Ken"

    "Simply Ken" New Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Korean Football,

    The Japan that beat Iran after 120 minutes in Malaysia beat an Iran team that: (a) was in turmoil, with a new coach picked right before the match; and (b) missing 2 critical players due to suspensions, including its then best player Bagheri. Besides the fact that the Japanese had the stadium filled, and it was a home game for Japan practically, the other point is that Japan had already improved dramatically towards the end of the qualifiers. In that form, their results were as good as S.Korea's, and it was only in their early stages under a different coach that they had done poorly.

    In AG98, S.Korea's team is one I know well at the time, thanks to many Korean fans who shared information about it, including WuTang. It definitely was NOT a U21 side, as only Japan took that kind of team to the tournament. You had 5-6 World Cup98 players in your roster in fact, although I know you had a lot of young players too. Iran had 10 players from its World Cup squad on its roster, and 10 who weren't. Our typical starting lineup had 7 WC98 players, and 4 new faces. We took a more veteran side, but please don't lie about your team. That is childish bravado.

    S.Korea split its matches against Japan, winning one and losing one, in those qualifiers. The other teams it beat were junk. Two of them Iran actually met in AG98: We beat Kazakhstan 2:0 in the group stage, and Uzbekistan 4:0 in the quarterfinal of that tournament. The other one, the UAE, didn't do anything afterwards, failing in AG98, failing to even qualify for Asian Cup 2000.

    The 1996-2000 period includes the 1996 Asian Cup. I have seen the Iran v. SKorea 6:2 match, albeit recently on tape. I understand a Saudi claiming that their team outperformed Iran in this period, but you have to be lost in your mind to claim S.Korea had done anything (in any serious tournament) other than beat Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the UAE in that entire period, and to draw Belgium after losing back to back games in WC98.

    A period that includes S.Korea losing 6:2 to Iran. Losing 5:0 to Holland. Please.
  12. "Simply Ken"

    "Simply Ken" New Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    As for Asia before 1972, I didn't talk much about it only because my knowledge about it isn't sufficient. I know Iran won the 1968 Asian Cup, and I also know that all S.Korea's won its only 2 Asian Cup trophies in the 1950s.

    In general, based on the limited knowledge I have, and considering that Asian football was quite undeveloped at the time, with only 4-5 teams really competing in the Asian Cup, the top sides in that period appear to me to have been the following: S.Korea and Israel, with N.Korea's success in 1966 certainly worthy of mention too.
  13. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    let's not bring in the "it's was like their home" for this one. Apparently, when Korea lost 2-6 to Iran, the stadium was filled with a lot of non-Koreans cheering for Iran. From what I remember, I don't recall Japan being at its full shape at the time either.

    I sit corrected. Korea didn't send an U21, as they obviously had Yong-soo Choi. However, it was an U21 with vets like Yong-soo Choi.

    by the time Korea met Japan at the return leg, S.Korea already qualified to the World Cup.

    that's the same period in which Iran failed to reach the Olympics. Both 1996 and 2000. For the Sydney 2000 one, Iran lost to Bahrain at the first round and even failed to reach the final round of the Asian qualification. That is also the time when Iran lost 2-0 to Germany, 5-1(or was it 4-1) to Austria, 7-1 to AS Roma and 2-0 to Qatar(?). Brining 5:0 loss to Holland shouldn't be a measure because Holland would have destructed any Asian team 5:0 that day just like how Germany probably could have beaten any Asian team 2:0.

    If you added an Asian Games(in which KSA doesn't even participate as far I know) as a criteria, you will definately have to talk about the Olympics Qualies and the Olympics itself in which Iran won't have a say in the latter one at all. 2 Olympics passed by at that period, and they were 2 completely blank sheets for Iran.

    The bottom line of my view is that it's tough to single out who's the best at that period. All Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran have holes here and there at the time with glories too.

    let's not forget the year 2000 either. That's the year in which Japan won the AC2000 and Saudi Arabia coming in 2nd. KSA did well both on AC and WCQ during that period.(with one glitch that they weren't present at the Olympics, but definately more solid performance at AC than both Iran and S.Korea)
  14. "Simply Ken"

    "Simply Ken" New Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Korean Football,

    You are obviously entitled to rank the teams as you wish.

    I didn't use any officially age restricted tournament. Personally, I don't see any use for that. In this regard, unlike AG02, AG98 was NOT an age restricted tournament. S.Korea's side had 5-6 World Cup 98 players starting, not just Choi. In fact, while your coach picked young defenders, I recall the other lines being more or less veteran, including your goalie being from WC98.

    As for the 2000 Asian Cup, that is not included in the period, with that tourney marking the next phase in my breakdown.

    Ultimately, these are subjective ranking and ratings. But I don't agree at all that S.Korea's senior team accomplished anything to be worthy of being called Asia's best team in that period. The only South Korean accomplishment was winning an easy group to qualify for the World Cup. Otherwise, you had a miserable showing in the continent's championships (both Asian Cup 96, as well as AG98 which admitedly didn't rank as high as the Asian Cup).

    BTW, yes, S.Korea had already qualified when it lost to Japan in the WC98 qualifiers, but S.Korea takes even friendlies against Japan seriously. Japan's record in the first leg of the qualifiers was VERY different than the latter stages, where they essentially rolled over the subpar teams that had earlier stopped them.

    In Iran's case, it was exactly the reverse: we had a great first leg, and then went through self-destruction. Essentially, Japan met Iran when the two were heading at opposite directions.

    Iran was able to correct its course eventually, and in time for World Cup 98. Thereafter, until 2000, it was generally regarded as Asia's top team. Afterwards, from the 2000 Asian Cup to the 2002 World Cup at least, that acclaid went to Japan.
  15. Korean Football

    Korean Football New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    I know. We all think different and we should.

    even so, you wouldn't be able to deny that Iran sent a more complete squad. The tournament was basically meant to be a slaughter with Korea sending such a team, Japan sending an U21 team, and Saudi Arabia not sending a team at all.

    oh so it's not included in the packet? Then it looks like the time period was carved out to be safe from Japan claiming any share.

    Starting off with 1972 itself was shaky you know ;)

    Even so, considering that the Olympics Qualification for Sydney 2000 was in 1999, the fact that Iran still remained blank twice stands still.

    in which the second place of that easy group beat the 2nd place of that of the other.

    but then again we had two great Olympics Qualification rounds. (also collected 3 wins at the Olympics itself during that period)

    that's life.

    Nobody's nice enough say "well, Korea tied Belgium at WC98 after they sacked the coach. So I think we need to evaluate them again. I think they were good." Or "Korea had to form a team couple days after the K-League. Players were all dead tired by the time they flew to UAE for AC96."

    That's life. We can't afford to "consider stuff" everytime because then we have to do the same for everybody not just Iran.

    I think that was just "regional." I don't think I recall any Koreans I know thinking Iran was the best during that time. "One of the best" would be a better fit.
  16. "Simply Ken"

    "Simply Ken" New Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    Korean Football,

    I find your analysis mostly polemical and silly.

    First, on your point that no one in S.Korea viewed Iran as number one in Asia in this period, notwithstanding your 6:2 loss to Iran in the Asian Cup, here are comments by S.Korea's captain Hong Myung Bo in its opposite:

    Second, the strength of the two groups in the 1998 World Cup qualifiers cannot be judged by a single game between Iran and Japan. Specially, not when that game went to double overtime, turning into an endurance contest in Malaysia's heat and humidity, only to be decided on a golden goal in the 120th minute! (We did, incidentally, play Japan again after that match, in Japan, and dominated the match in a 1:1 draw.)

    Besides, the Japan team that Iran met in our playoff was on a roll at the time, not necessarily comparable to the Japan side that earlier had dropped points to allow S.Korea to win Group B. As I recall, before meeting Iran, in its last 3 games, Japan had defeated Uzbekistan something like 5:1, S.Korea 2:0, and the UAE 3:1. Against these same very teams, the Japanese had struggled in the first leg and had failed to win.

    There was no real comparison between Group B and Group A, and even the AFC news release indicated as much ater the draw for these groups.

    Lastly, I undestand why you would want to discuss Olympic qualification, which is an under 21 event, but that doesn't help your case in my eyes. The discussion here is about the best senior teams in Asia in the 1996-2000 period. S.Korea's results and records overall were quite undistinguished. Not only S.Korea didn't win any of the continental titles that still existed at the time (AC96, AG98), but it did very poorly in both. And S.Korea didn't do well in WC98 either.


    So you don't think I am engaging in an anti-S.Korean rant, let me be clear on the following:

    1) S.Korea has almost always been one of Asia's best teams;

    2) IMO, despite losing the final in the 1988 Asian Cup, S.Korea was the best team in Asia in the late 80s.

    3) S.Korea made all of Asia proud by its performance in World Cup 2002, notwithstanding some controversy in some of the games.

    4) I am not old enough to have real knowledge of Asian soccer before 1972, but if you prefer, I have no problem taking your word that S.Korea was Asia's best team in the 1950s or even the 1960s. (If I wanted to just highlight Iran's team, I would have started in 1968 -- the year we won our first Asian Cup).
  17. junjunforever

    junjunforever Member

    Feb 18, 2002

    Iran may well claim its dominance in years through 96-2000. as you claimed before, every opinion for himself. However, as others have discussed in a different thread, World Cup qualifying is more important than Asian Cup in the East. I get an impression that it is otherwise in the Middle East.

    SK was clearly the best team in bracket B in 98 qualifying. As you mentioned in US vs Iran thread in the Beautiful Games, results do not prove everything, but it does prove a lot.

    The fact is, Korea qualified without losing a single game. The first and most important win again Japan was played in Tokyo. Iran lost to Japan in a neutral venue. As for the last game that Korae lost against japan, the motivation was different. If Japan wins, they will participate in the WC. If they lose, they won't. Korea only had cultural motivation.

    Iran being the last country to qualify for WC 98 does indrectly prove that Korea had a better team for qualifying than Iran. In East Asian's eyes, Iran played rather poorly in the final exam.
  18. Premium Hamatachi redded

    Sep 9, 2002

    a japan

    b saudi, kuwait

    c china, iraq

    d oman, qatar, korea, bahrain, thailand, jordan, uzbekistan, syria, iran

    e indonesia, vietnam, palestine, singapore, yemen, lebanon, malaysia, uae
  19. Premium Hamatachi redded

    Sep 9, 2002
    very fun and intelligent meat-crushing-blood-scattering argument right here :D

    i wonder who is the whinner, i mean the winner there so i say call it even.

    btw, i tried to register in this site before when a certain poster here was loading a bunch of bullshit, but the admin never sent me the activation email. i sent him inquery too but got no reply.
  20. persiantiger

    persiantiger Guest

    LOL i don't visit irankicks that much but everytime i go there i see red&blue a.k.a korean football there having arguments lol and he always types an essay.

    Ham kun (haha kun means ass in persian) try and their football forums are better in my opinion, im not a memeber of any of em but i read the posts.
  21. "Simply Ken"

    "Simply Ken" New Member

    Jul 8, 2002

    I am not claiming Iran was "dominant" in the 1996-2000 period. In fact, as much as I hate to say it, if you went just by "counting" trophies, Saudi Arabia would be the side to pick as the "best" in that time frame. They won, albeit unconviningly, the 1996 Asian Cup. They also qualified to the World Cup on top of Group A, again not in convincing manner. And they had a similar World Cup as S.Korea; in fact with a better marginally better record on goal difference.

    The only time that an Asian team has been close to being genuinely dominant in the continent, was Iran's team in the 1970s. That Iranian team did NOT lose a SINGLE game to ANY Asian team after 1973. It won 3 consecutive Asian Cup in 1968, 1972, and 1976 -- all of them in tourneys where it won each and every match. In fact, in the 1976 Asian Cup, Iran didn't even allow a single goal.

    That team also qualified for the 1972 and 1976 Olympics, at a time when the Olympics were NOT an age restricted tournament. In Asia, and some other regions, the Olympic tournaments involved the national teams of the competing countries.

    That team also won the 1974 Asian Games, as well as its Asian group for the 1973 World Cup qualifiers. It didn't qualify for the 1974 World Cup, however, after losing 3:2 on aggregates to OFC's Australia.

    4 years later, however, Iran would even redeem its loss to Australia, beating them both home and away as we qualified for the 1978 World Cup as the ONLY team from the AFC/OFC combined to qualify for the World Cup. We did so without a single loss in the qualifiers -- and taking the top position in a unified group that included among others S.Korea and Australia, as well as an emerging Kuwaiti team.

    That is what domination in Asia would look like!
  22. junjunforever

    junjunforever Member

    Feb 18, 2002
    true indeed. that is domination.
  23. junjunforever

    junjunforever Member

    Feb 18, 2002

    it is a funny discussion. as an outsider i can see there are huge misunderstanding.

    1. most of the world dont know futsal, nor play it very seriously. I've heard futsal players in korea used to be ex-takewondo masters.

    2. Different weight each country puts on different tournaments.

    3. jealousy and personal bias towards your own team.
  24. "Simply Ken"

    "Simply Ken" New Member

    Jul 8, 2002

    The domination I referred to is of course winning all the tournaments, Asian Cup (3 consecutive times from 1968-1976), Asian Games, non-age restricted, national team, Olympic qualifiers (1972, 1976), Asian World Cup qualifying groups for WC74 and WC78. And not losing even once, home or away, friendly or otherwise, to an Asian team over a span of many years.

    I, of course, would never agree that a team that has failed miserably in the continental championships, can regard itself as the best in Asia merely because it has won a World Cup qualifying group -- particulalry one where you only face and defeat Uzbekistan, Kazkahstan and the UAE, splitting your games with Japan.

    There is also a huge world of difference between a side like Iran in the 1970s winning everything in sight, and not losing a single match in years, and a side that loses 6:2 to Iran and loses to Kuwait in the continental championships (AC96), or loses to Turkeministan and then 9 man Thailand in AG98.

    I don't want to bash S.Korea. You were indeed Asia's best team in 2002 and made all of Asia proud. But I don't think you should claim honors you haven't remotely earned. Between 1996-2000, S.Korea IMO had a pretty undistinguished team. You have had far more accomplished sides in the past, and you will have them also in your future as well.


    The only time S.Korea has actually WON a UNIFIED continental World Cup qualifying group, e.g. in 1989 for WC90, it has also shown itself Asia's strongest side in the Asian Cup (e.g. AC88). That should tell you that your performance has never really been that different in World Cup qualifiers as opposed to the Asian Cup. Rather, the opponents have been different!
  25. Premium Hamatachi redded

    Sep 9, 2002
    pfdc's traffic is a lot faster than ik and i cannot keep up with it. also they don't have a separate forum for international soccer and most of stuffs are about iran so i don't go there as much as i used to.

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