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Discussion in 'California Victory' started by SSF Soccer, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Hi to everyone. I have been fortunate to meet many of you at the matches, and talk to you on line, but at the same time, I haven't been able to meet all of the great people who come to Kezar, or the ones who put their comments here on these different threads no matter if your a local, or from other areas. Even the nice supportive words from our friends up north in the TA. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I just wanted to THANK all of you for your great support. It has been a wild ride for all of us, with some highs and lows, but the fans of this team are just the best damn group of people you could run across. The energy you bring, the fun you create, and the sheer passion for your team is the thing that made me proud to be associated with you...even though I don't have the pleasure of sitting with you in the stands. I will carry many many memories of this season with me forever. I loved the atomsphere that was KEZAR....and any team would be lucky to have a fan base as special as ours. Thank you all for everything you gave from your hearts to this team. I wish we could have done more...and maybe with some luck and good fortune we will still have that chance, but for now...I salute all of the Victory supporters no matter where you may be. I would love to name all of you...but I would feel bad for leaving anyone out, but I do want to say a special thank you to the core group of the 1906. You guys know who I mean...and your kind words of encouragement throughout the season meant so much...and will not be forgotten. Lets have a great time Saturday night...and I hope you can all be there. THANK YOU EVERYONE...........Mike

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