Terry vs Turkey

Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by fernb8, Oct 11, 2003.

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    Aug 12, 2002
    anyone see the match?

    The reports state that Terry was very solid at the back, just wondered what the viewers thought
  2. givemefootieanyday

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    Oct 2, 2003
    i thought he played brilliantly. maybe it helped that the people in front of him played great as well but he was pretty solid whenever the ball got through... thought they all played as best they could so well done ENGLAND!!! :)
  3. Naughtius Maximus

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    The Observer made him man of the match and the BBC gave him the same mark out of ten as Sol Campbell and Paul Scholes in this match.

    The best thing about John Terry is that he is decisive so that, even when he makes the wrong decision, (which isn't often), he does it with enough vigour to reduce the other sides chances of scoring.

    There was one instance in the second half when our midfield lost the ball in an advanced position and the Turks played the ball forward very quickly. The Turkish player on the ball was advancing on the back four straight up the middle and had support on either side. Terry and Campbell kept backing off and I thought the guy was going to shoot because he was only just outside our pemalty area when he moved the ball very slightly forward probably to shoot from about 20 yards. All of a sudden teryy stops backing off and comes tearing towards him and makes a tremendous lunge at the ball just outside the area. He didn't get the ball cleanly and it squirted out the side to another Turkish player who then was driven wide but the point is that if Terry just kept backing off the guy would have been shooting, unchallenged, from about 18 yards out after having run 30 yards because the midfield had gone awol.

    Personally I don't think he's the finished article just yet - but he's bloody close.

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