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Discussion in 'Barcelona' started by chrisc, Nov 12, 2004.

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    No kind words for Rosell, Sport and EMD. Interesting stuff:


    Henk ten Cate has launched an astonishing attack on Barcelona vice president Sandro Rosell and slated the Catalan media for their involvement in the club.

    Frank Rijkaard's**assistant coach accused Rosell of wanting to instal Brazilian trainer, Luiz Felipe Scolari, at Camp Nou in Dutch magazine 'Johan'.

    "When things go badly, Rosell says that Scolari is the ideal coach," ten Cate fumed.

    "He continues to roll out the red carpet for him and is helped by El Mundo Deportivo (one of the two daily sports papers that focus on Barcelona)."

    Rosell was head of Nike's operations in South America before becoming Joan Laporta's right-hand man at the helm of Barcelona and knows Scolari from the sportswear giants' involvement with the Brazil national team.

    But ten Cate was also furious that Rossell had interfered in talks to sign Edgar Davids on a permanent basis during the summer.

    "Edgar brought a winning mentality to the team," the Dutchman explained.

    "If it were up to me he would be back here tomorrow.

    "People say that he caused the talks to break down himself, but I have heard another version, Edgar's version.

    "He wanted to negotiate, but a member of the board made things very difficult."

    Ten Cate then turned his attentions to the second daily paper concentrating on Barcelona, Sport, and blamed them for Patrick Kluivert's troubled career, and eventual departure from the club.

    "His relationship with the club had run out, especially after six complicated years," the coach said.

    "It was scandalous how his last two years here were sabotaged.

    "The Sport newspaper had done a deal with (former president) Joan Gaspart and put money into the purchase of Javier Saviola and that is why he had to play.

    "It is incredible that a newspaper can be a part-owner of a player.

    "Sport praised Saviola even when he had not played well, while criticising Kluivert when he had."
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    Blaming a newspaper for PK9's career at barca is pretty funny. If memory serves, PK9 is one of the top goal scorers in FCB history. That point aside, if PK9 had scored the goals when he needed to, he would have stayed on and had a great career here continued. In the last two years he just simpoly missed too much and made way too much money to miss that many goals.

    Change is good
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    It should also be noted, Kluivert was an enigma in the changing room. He clearly has had spats with the managers about his way, how things should be done, and where he wants to play. I dont want to knock his goal record with Barca, but I do want to say he only scored when he had greatness around him, once Rivaldo was gone, Patrick proved to be ineffectinve.

    To say a newspaper is to blame for his poor barca image is crazy, he did it to himself, and it should also be said Saviola did receive some poor publicicty while with the squad(especially from El Mundo). And although I think there was a threat with the Saviola signing(to Kluivert), it was needed, because everyone does know with a Kluivert, if you dont challenge him, he is unlikely to take his game to the next level.

    Personally, I am glad they let him go, the same for Saviola at the moment. I dont believe Saviola was a solid signing, there are times when Barca needs to break the bank (as they did with Eto'o, Deco, Ronaldinho) and sign a player who is proven in Europe. This may be the end of the days when the summer signings are the likes of Rochembachs, Quaresma's, Emre's, and the Riquelme's...who have only been effective on good teams in sub par leagues or see for alleged potential.... Please feel free to add to the list of these development players.
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    Great comment

    I dont know what was happening behind the walls. If this is true what Den Cates said about Davids signing I would kick Rossel ass to remember not to to make such moves again. We all know that Rossel has some good relationships with people in South America. But it doesnt make sence to me. If it would depents on with Nike connections I simply doesnt agree. Why would Rossel want to block Davids and bring a Brazilian instead? Has Nike somethink to do with it? Davids has a contract with Nike too, I dont know why would he block the move. How come that Laporta didnt have the final word?
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    Dec 13, 2003
    That's what pissed me off the most in this article!!
  6. elchico

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    Dec 13, 2003
    That's what pissed me off the most in this article!!

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