TCS: A Galaxy of Change

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by jmeissen0, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Great Idea

    "THE NEWS: Now that DC’s out, can we get Ray Hudson in a TV booth as a third commentator for a semi this weekend on FSW or maybe the MLS Cup final on ABC?

    TCS SAYS: A perfect example of why:

    Dave Sarachan’s description of Chicago scoring first last weekend: "That first goal was obviously very important today.”

    Ray Hudson’s description of Chicago scoring first: "That first goal, it castrated us.”

    It’s a shame the timing of that for Ray…hope it won’t hinder his ability to enjoy the appearances by Daisy Fuentes and Michelle Branch next weekend in Carson"
    This from the coach who said "we are playing with ourselves" or something that went along those lines...He is a true quote machine
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    Great stuff. I truly hope Tino will keep writing come the offseason...if he does he will always have a place in my sig.
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    SJ-LA re-airing on ShootOut?

    TCS reports: "The folks at Fox Sports World in a bit of programming genius are re-airing the game Friday night prior to the first MLS Cup Conference Final."

    I don't have FSW. But I have MLS ShootOut, which, presumably will air the Fire-Revs game. My question is: Will the re-airing of the SJ-LA game also be shown on the ShootOut?

    Anyone know? Or know how to findout?
  4. Jeremy Goodwin

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    Re: SJ-LA re-airing on ShootOut?

    Nope, not going to show up again on the shootout.

    If you have Yahoo Platinum, you can see it whenever you want though.
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    Re: SJ-LA re-airing on ShootOut?

    I highly doubt it will air anywhere but FSW on Friday. Sorry.

    On another note, I must say that Tino Palace is the best MLS writer around. Sorry Bradley and Connolly. They're good reads as well but no one entertains like Tino.

    Keep it up.

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