Szetela to Roma?

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by ossieend, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Following on from the Adu move to Benfica I just stumbled across this.
    How likely is this? I hope it doesn't happen. An occaisional young MLS player coming to Europe helps the player and raises the profile of the league, but too many and the league will find it hard to gain strength.
    Damn!! the link doesn't work!
    The upshot is that there's a rumour that Danny Szetela could be joining Roma.
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    It may not be good for the MLS right now, but it's good for him and the National team. MLS fans just have to come to the realization that until this League becomes a major league on the levels of the big 3/5, the best young talent at some point are gonna head over to Europe, and concerning Szetala he has to make this move, Roma may not be on the same level as Inter, ac, and Juve but they're damn near close, and their future seems bright.
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    Check YA forum.
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    I would have zero problem with this. I'm a USMNT first and a MLS second type of guy. Anything to get our younger guys into more competitive markets will just help out the USMNT that much more in the long run. MLS has an uphill battle already but its found its grove. Let guys like Szetela go over to Roma and come back to MLS later on in there career with a bigger name. Staying in MLS isn't helping the league out that much look at how much LD staying here has helped out MLS.

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