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    Could anybody use this template and do something similar for Switzerland?


    Favors a slow, ball possession style of game. Is used to making lineup and tactic changes between games in short tournaments.

    Favorite tactics:
    1) 3-4-1-2
    2) 4-3-1-2
    3) 3-3-2-2

    PROBABLE LINEUP: Abbondanzieri; Coloccini, Ayala, Heinze; Zanetti, Mascherano, Cambiasso, Sorín; Riquelme; Tévez, Crespo


    Boca Juniors
    Very experienced. Has been playing at a high level for his club for the last few years. However, he has been terrible in the national squad. Seems nervous when playing for Argentina. Pretty good at saving penalty shots.
    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 90%

    Germán LUX
    River Plate
    Young. Barely a year as starter in the league. Won the Olympics without conceding a goal. Very athletic.
    Chances of making final roster: 85%
    Chances of starting: 5%

    Leo FRANCO
    Atlético Madrid
    Nothing special.
    Chances of making final roster: 75%
    Chances of starting: 5%


    Javier ZANETTI
    Inter - Right back, Right midfielder
    Amazing ball control from box to box but finishes every play the wrong way. Can't defend.

    Fabricio COLOCCINI
    Dep. La Coruña - Central defender, Right back, defensive midfielder
    Tall. Very good defender. Makes good headers. Makes too many fouls.
    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 50%

    Roberto AYALA
    Valencia - Sweeper, central defender
    Overrated. Great air game. Has lots of problems when left one on one with opponents.
    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Gabriel HEINZE
    Manchester Utd - Central defender, left back
    Suffered a serious injury and could miss the World Cup. If he's healthy, he'll start. Awesome defender. Great heart and guts. Can take free kicks.
    Chances of making final roster: 60% (100% if healthy)
    Chances of starting: 40% (100% if healthy)

    Walter SAMUEL
    Inter - Central defender
    A few years ago might have been the best central defender in the world. The move to Real Madrid doomed him but now he seems to be recovering his previous level. Big, strong, tough, aggressive. Has good air game.
    Chances of making final roster: 90%
    Chances of starting: 30%

    Gabriel MILITO
    Zaragoza - Central defender, sweeper
    Solid defender, always in good position. Right now might be better than Ayala.
    Chances of making final roster: 75%
    Chances of starting: 5%

    Juan Pablo SORÍN
    Villarreal - Left back, left midfielder
    Great technique. Heart and guts. Effort. Gets to the opponents' box in almost every attack. He moves up through the wing but usually cuts toward the box, which sometimes makes him more dangerous than Roberto Carlos or Cafu. Very chaotic, though, should calm down a bit. Team captain.
    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%


    Porto - Right midfielder
    Lost of talent. No heart. Tall. Finness style. Scores pretty often.
    Chances of making final roster: 70%
    Chances of starting: 40%

    Atlético Madrid - Right midfielder
    Great pace. Good long shots.
    Chances of making roster: 50%
    Chances of starting: 10%

    Mario SANTANA
    Palermo - Right midfielder
    Strange blend of effort, defense and technique.
    Chances of making roster: 50%
    Chances of starting: 10%

    Corinthians - Defensive midfielder
    Great at recovering the ball and good technique to handle it. Is recovering from a serious injury.
    Chances of making roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 90%

    Esteban CAMBIASSO
    Inter - Defensive midfielder
    Mainly an offensive midfielder that starts from behind. Can't play all alone in the midfield. Needs to share the area with a defensive player like Mascherano.
    Scores often. Has good technique and vision.
    Chances of making roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 95%

    Sebastián BATTAGLIA
    Boca Juniors - Defensive midfielder, right midfielder
    Similar to Mascherano with less technique but better air game. Good long shots. Very experienced.
    Chances of making roster: 50%
    Chances of starting: 5%

    Lucas BERNARDI
    Monaco - Defensive midfielder
    Very short. Doesn't do anything specially well.
    Chances of making roster: 30%
    Chances of starting: 0%

    Bayern Munich - Defensive midfielder, central defender
    Big, strong. Honestly, I haven't seen him enough.
    Chances of making roster: 20%
    Chances of starting: 0%

    Cristian GONZÁLEZ
    Inter - Left midfielder
    Quick. Great pace. Passionate. Always gets in trouble with referees. Mainly an offensive option. Experienced.
    Chances of making roster: 75%
    Chances of starting: 15%

    Daniel BILOS
    Boca Juniors - Left midfielder, striker
    Absolutely amazing player. Incredibly talented. Very, very tall. Awesome air game. Scores a lot. Croatia's coach wanted him to play for them.
    Chances of making roster: 20%
    Chances of starting: 0%

    Juan Román RIQUELME
    Villarreal - Attacking midfielder
    World class talent. Probably the best assister in the world. Amazing at taking free kicks. Kicks penalties. Slow. Sometimes disappears from the pitch.
    Chances of making roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Pablo AIMAR
    Valencia - Attacking midfielder
    Talented. Very brittle. He's always injured. Doesn't deliver in the national squad. Good at dribbling.
    Chances of making roster: 65%
    Chances of starting: 10%

    Lionel MESSI
    Barcelona - Attacking midfielder, forward
    Very, very young and small. Huge talent. Won Youth World Cup. Can drive you crazy. Makes great assists.
    Chances of making roster: 80%
    Chances of starting: 20%

    Wolfsburg - Attacking midfielder
    A few years ago he was the big hope, like Messi now. He has faded since moving to Germany. Very talented. Small. Can take free kicks.
    Chances of making roster: 40%
    Chances of starting: 5%

    Sergio AGÜERO
    Independiente - Attacking midfielder
    The newest star. Very young. Similar to Messi but covers the ball much better. Scores a lot.
    Chances of making roster: 15%
    Chances of starting: 0%

    Juan Sebastián VERÓN
    Inter - Attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder, left midfielder, right midfielder
    Almost every pundit wants him in the national squad but Pekerman won't call him. Talented, finnesse player. Slow. Lacks heart. The symbol of the 2002 failure.
    Chances of making roster: 1%
    Chances of starting: 0%


    Hernán CRESPO
    Chelsea - Striker
    Great scorer. Big, strong. Good air game. All he does is score goals. Experienced.
    Chances of making roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Carlos TÉVEZ
    Corinthians - Forward, striker
    Awesome talent. Strong. Named best player in Brazilian tournament. Great scorer.
    Chances of making roster: 90%
    Chances of starting: 40%

    Javier SAVIOLA
    Seville - Forward, striker
    Overrated by Pekerman. Very small. Quick, elusive. Can dribble. Not much of a scorer.
    Chances of making roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 40%

    Luciano FIGUEROA
    Villarreal - Striker
    Good scorer but nothing special. Good air game.
    Chances of making roster: 40%
    Chances of starting: 0%

    Julio CRUZ
    Inter - Striker
    A stiff. Has some good scoring streaks that defy logic.
    Chances of making roster: 20%
    Chances of starting: 0%

    Cesar DELGADO
    Cruz Azul - Forward
    Very quick, usually plays on the right wing. Makes great crosses. Scores often too. Young.
    Chances of making roster: 25%
    Chances of starting: 5%

    Luciano GALLETTI
    Atlético Madrid - Forward
    Small, stocky. Nothing special. He shouldn't be in the national squad.
    Chance of making roster: 20%
    Chances of starting: 0%
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    Oct 1, 2005
    I will start now and continue later tonight.

    Swiss trainer: Kobi Kuhn
    He has two different tactics depending on the team he have to play against
    4-1-2-1-2 or 4-5-1

    He favors fast, ball possession style with short fast passes.

    Most likely starting 11:

    --P. Degen---Senderos---Müller----Spycher
    ----Barnetta-------Vogel--------Wicky(or Gygax)

    Pascal Zuberbühler (Basel/34/32/0)

    Can be incredible sometimes... saving his squad a few times against France and Turkey. Some other times, he can makes stupid mistakes that costs us big time. Not very good in the air although he is very tall. Should come out to get the ball in the air more... 2 of the Turkish goals were part his fault.
    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Fabio Coltorti (Grasshoppers/24/0/0)
    Not enough experience internationally, only a little UEFA cup experience. He doesn't stand a chance playing unless Zubi gets injured.

    The future for us, very young and great goalkeeper but never played with Swiss squad only Champion's League experience this year with Thun.

    Philipp Degen (Dortmund/22/9/0)

    A very fast defender with a good technic that can bring a lot offensively for the Swiss team. He unfortunately goes forward a little too much and not the way it should be done (like Roberto Carlos for example)

    Ludovic Magnin (Stuttgart/26/26/2)

    The same in a way as Degen BUT a key element of the Swiss squad since a few games. Very good defender but also bring a lot offensively. Good at dribbling/passing other players, also very good at shooting fare away free kicks. He scored against France and gave the 1-0 goal to Senderos against Turkey.

    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Patrick Müller (Basel/28/60/3)
    Philippe Senderos (Arsenal/20/8/2)

    Only played 8 games for Switzerland but he his our key defender with Muller. He his very young but (almost) never makes mistakes, very tall and strong in the air. His only problem? When strikers are (too) fast, that can cause him trouble. For example Didier Drogba caused him some problem when Arsenal played against Chelsea. That is, until now, the only striker that caused problem to the Swiss rock.

    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Stéphane Grichting (Auxerre/26/2/0)
    Boris Smiljanic (Basel/29/2/0)
    Christoph Spycher (Frankfurt/27/18/0)

    Johann Vogel (AC Milan/28/79/2)
    One of our other key players in the midfield. When he plays well, the entire team plays well. Very good at keeping the ball, or slowing the game when needed. Great passer too...

    Tranquillo Barnetta (Leverkusen/20/8/0)
    Another very young new talents, probably one of the best player for the future just like Senderos. He is extremely fast, incredible dribbler and passer. He will, in the near future, make the Swiss team win 'almost' by himself...

    Ricardo Cabanas (Grasshoppers/26/31/3)
    His technic is above average, good dribbler, works very hard for the team in the midfield and sometimes makes decisive passes.

    Raphael Wicky (Hamburg/28/62/1)
    A key player to Switzerland, very experienced and great defensively but not such an asset in offense like Gygax but works very hard.

    Valon Behrami (Lazio/20/2/1)
    Another young talents that his considered to become a star internationally if he continues to improve like he does right now. Always, everywhere on the pitch and very fast. Proved decisive against Turkey scoring the second goal after just coming in the game.

    Daniel Gygax (Lille/24/17/3)
    Struggling with his club Lille but a very good player that needs to work a little bit more defensively. Apart from that? Incredible mid-fielder, great ball control, dribbling and fast runner.

    Benjamin Huggel (Frankfurt/26/15/0)
    He will probably not be playing the World Cup since he will probably et suspended for getting revenge after one Turk tripped Behrami at the end of Turkey-Switzerland.

    Johann Lonfat (Sochaux/32/24/1)

    Alex Frei (Rennes/26/40/23)

    Our lethal weapon, this player almost always scores for us. Usually, give him 1/2 a chance and he will score. He his not the fastest but does great passes and works for the team. Very good with headers and always at the right place at the right time.

    Chances of making final roster: 100%
    Chances of starting: 100%

    Johan Vonlanthen (Breda/19/15/5)
    Mauro Lustrinelli (Thun/29/4/0)
    Marco Streller (Stuttgart/24/5/0)

    The few surprise that might happen for the Swiss squad? Chuimiento decide to play for Switzerland and he his believed to be one of the best n 10 in the World according to some specialist like Lippi at Juventus.
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    Hey, don't forget about Benaglio!
    7 clean sheets in 9 games and his team is 1st or 2nd in Portugal. The only reason he hasn't been called up to the seniors is because he's had important games with the U21 squad
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    Strengths: Switzerland are young, quick and technical. Left-back Ludovic Magnin is great at set pieces and sets up lots of goals. Arsenal defender Phillippe Senderos is a real talent - provided he keeps his concentration.

    Weaknesses: Can be a tad lightweight and lack experience. Their nerve nearly went in the play-off against Turkey - they were 3-0 up on aggregate and ended up scraping through on away goals. Question marks over keeper Pascal Zuberbuhler.

    Qualifying star: Alexander Frei. His 88th-minute header earned a 1-0 qualifying win against outsiders Cyprus in March. Qualifying group four was the tightest of the European groups and had Switzerland not won that match, they would not have reached the play-offs.

    Present star man: Frei again. The man who won the Cyprus qualifier was one of the top scorers in the French league last season for Stade Rennais, netting 22 goals in 40 games. Senderos, Magnin are the other key players

    Manager: Jakob 'Kobi' Kuhn. Took over in summer 2001 to become the first Swiss coach of the national side in 12 years. Has overseen an improvement in fortunes, guiding the side to Euro 2004 before securing their place in Germany.

    Captain: Johann Vogel. The experienced 28-year-old AC Milan player offers a solid presence for the Swiss in midfield, and has won more than 70 caps since making his international debut in 1995.

    Young talents: All of them are 20 years old or less: Johan Vonlanthen (Youngest scorer ever of the EURO), Valon Behrami (Lazio), Tranquillo Barnetta (Bayer Leverkunsen), Philippe Senderos and Johan Djourou (Arsenal), Davide Chiumiento

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