Survival of Irish League and League of Wales

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Shah, Aug 12, 2002.

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    I read that the League of Wales lost out on Honda being their sponsor. It seems as if this is the worst supported league in Europe, with average crowds of 300 or lower. How do clubs survive on such low revenues? I know they must not dole out huge amounts of cash for players... but these gate figures have to be the lowest for a top flight in europe. Is the Welsh population just too small? They have the three big clubs in the Nationwide League and Local professional rugby, but it seems as if none of these teams can draw more than 7,000 at the very highest.

    Then we have the Irish League which must compete with Gaelic sports in Ulster, local professional rugby, and of course popularity of the EPL and SPL as well as professional teams like Belfast Giants hockey. It seems that Irish League football is declining and is now lower than its southern counterpart across the border. How is such a small entity (1.65 million people) able to support 22 professional (or are they semi-pro) clubs. While I understand political differences are a barrier.. wouldn't a united Irish soccer league be the only hope for financial viability?

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