News: Surinamese campaign direction WC 2018 or 2022

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Thanks for your interest,i'll try to give you a clear answer.The reason why Dutch players from Surinamese origin cannot play for Suriname is not because of Holland.It's also not because of the Surinamese Federation,they like to have Surinamese professionals and they even asked the Surinamese government for help.The reason is the Surinamese legislation which makes it impossible for players to play for Suriname outside the country.Here is the thing,when a Surinamese citizen accepts another nationality,he/she automatically will lose the Surinamese nationality and that's the big problem!You have to understand that this law came in a time when many Surinamese left the country to live in the Netherlands/USA because of the economic instability before and especially after 1975 when Suriname became independent from the Netherlands.The Surinamese government was afraid of interference from Surinamese political leaders abroad (which is bullshit of course,but anyway),they didn't want us to build up the country on a higher standerd.Unfortunately, this kind of mentality still prevails, particularly in the government,but there seems to be a change.The Surinamese government wants to change the Surinamese legislation,and we hope that this will happen as soon as possible,
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