'Sterile zone' for game against wigan

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by NorthBank Phil, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    Reading in the programme on saturday that for the game against wigan that there will be a police contolled sterile zone around the ground for the last game- and that spectators will be banned from entering it. Even those fans within the ground - after the celebrations - when leaving will not be able to wait in this area and will be moved away from the ground. Seems all a bit strong!! I remember when i didnt have a season ticket (not that long ago) me and my mates wanted to be outside the grround on any momnetus occasion to soak up the atmosphere after watching the game on tv in one of the pubs. I know its safety that this would of been sold as - but its all a bit contolling. Anyone any thoughts - and they also made it clear that anyone hunting any 'souveniers' will be banned from the emirates for life....:D better leave the toolkit at home then i guess...
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