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Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by ojsgillt, Jul 29, 2002.

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    Feb 27, 2001
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    He has played on the wings, He has played in the back, He has played up top. Were can this man not play?

    Stephen likes to play forward, he says that is where is has the most fun. I thought that Armstrong played much better at forward than Brown has all year. Quill is getting better with each game their has been an improvement since coming back from his injury, so the need for Stephen is less at that position. He is going to be to a huge help during this long month of August. I would expect to see him all over the place between the games.
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    I totally agree with this.

    He was outstanding on Saturday. And his versatility has been of great benefit to us.

    I would still like to see a bit more of Quill. Obviously he has been shaking off that injury and slowly getting match fit.

    With Fabbro back soon it leaves us with a selection problem. Which is a nice situation to be in considering our forwards last March!!

    Does Gansler revert back to Igor and Fabbro up front and Armstrong back on the left with Quill on the bench? I would say so in the short term, but Armstrong's skill in the middle are hard to ignore and he may well play there and have Igor drop deeper and play behind the front two. That would probably mean benching Klein or Gomez and playing 3-5-2.

    Something like this

    Garcia-Talley-Burns (until Diego heals)
    Klein - Preki - Z - Quill
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    I agree as well, and on Brownie's miss. Well imo If we would have lost that might be his shot to see time for a while. He didn't really do anything except miss a gift. I would like to see Davy Arnaud. Why the hell not he can't do much worse. Send Brownie to the A-league and let him score some goals and get his confidence back. Its only been gone for over a year. Yes I know he looked like he might snap out of early in the year but that was early.
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    Yeah, remember Chris Brown '01? Player of the Week for week #3 with 2 goals & 1 assist in the 2 games played that week.

    Unfortunately, he only managed to pick up 3 more goals & 1 assist over the rest of the season.

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