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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Jonah, Nov 14, 2003.

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    Posters usually select what they would like the Ireland starting team to be. So with the Canada game approaching I'll get the ball rolling.

    My team:

    Carr O'Brien Cunningham O'Shea

    4-3-3, With Delap the defencive holding midfielder allowing the attack minded midfielders, Kav and Miller to get forward and do the creative work from the middle. Keano and Andy Reid can drop deep on either flank to supply the balance when need to. Carr and O'Shea always like to get forward on either flank as well. Morrison is the target man.

    Purely experimental team that makes use of 3 central midfielders and exploit the attacking/creative midfield qualities of Kav and Miller
    and the deep forward play of of Keano and Reid.

    Team can easily convert to 4-4-2 if need to by bringing on Steve Reid/Finnan. Kav himself has got pace, is a good crosser and he does plenty of work on the right flank for Cardiff.

    Plenty of options on the bench, Duff for Reid, Healy for Delap, Finnan for Carr/Oshea. Steve Reid etc


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