Stadiums for the A-League and Stability of Soccer in the US

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    (found this in the Sounders Discussion board, just spreading the news. (probably not news to many, but it is probably news to some because it is news to me)

    Rochester is an example of what the A-League need to strive for in order to be successful. A stadium of its own.

    Charleston, the A-League Champion, is also a model for other teams because of its 5,100 seats SSS.
    Built: 1999
    Cost: 5.7 millions dollar
    The 5,100-seat premium soccer facility also includes five support buildings, which house player locker rooms, concessions, ticket sales, a fan merchandise retail shop, fitness center, management offices, and a private, authentic English-style pub. The complex also includes plazas for corporate entertaining and special events, as well as a children's fun zone. To conserve space and reduce environmental impact, the stadium parking areas serve a dual client. Employees of the adjacent Blackbaud, Inc. office building utilize the parking area during the workweek.

    also check out this links for pictures of the stadium in the championship game (notice the flags, the pub, the fans, etc...),2003,0027.shtml

    Charleston is a successful business model that each A-league team should follow. However, the 5.9 million dollars would be an issue because I don't think a lot of A-league team can afford it.
    Having a English-style pub is a very good idea. Maybe PaeTec Park, Rapids Stadium, Firehouse, Harrison, Frisco stadium could try something like that. Away-game, fans go there to eat and drink ...etc. as well as World Cup games, EPL, CL games, soccer game in general. It is like a hang-out place for the fans knowing that the money they spend will go the club they support. Having a successful pub would provide the team with the extra revenue.

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