Springsteen: The Rising

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by CrewStadium227, Aug 5, 2002.

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    If you hate Bruce Springsteen, please don't bother to reply. No one seems to polarize music fans quite like The Boss, there are serious music fans who love him, and serious music fans who hate him. This thread is for the former.

    I wasn't expecting much from The Rising. I really like Ghost of Tom Joad, but the rest of Springsteen's post-Born In The USA material has been a little bland. I read a couple of reviews that were mildly critical of the song writing on the new record, so I almost didn't buy it.

    I love this record. There are 5 or 6 very strong tracks on it. My favourite right now is "Further On". Like Born In The USA, this record has a ton of music that is both high quality and radio friendly. I wouldn't be surprised if this CD is producing hit singles for 3 years.

    Some are going to claim that the record is exploitation of 9/11. Everything on this record is tasteful and sincere. This guy has made a career out of writing about the lives of ordinary people on the Jersey shore. 158 people from his home county were killed on that day. It would be more unusual for him to NOT write about it. Its not like some pop light-weight getting serious for the first time. Springsteen has dealt with heavy material before, and this record has a lot of credibility.
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    Was in NJ visiting family last week, and Bruce is getting all kinds of airplay. Ordered the CD a few days ago, can't wait for it to arrive, enjoy the stuff I've heard so far. Will comment more once I get it.
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    Wasn't most of it written pre 9-11? i'm sure the record company will try to exploit it more than sprinsteen himself.
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    Some songs were, some weren't. Further On Up The Road was played live near the end of the 2000 tour. My City of Ruins was played at Bruce's holiday shows in Asbury Park in December 2000 and is about Asbury's urban renewal. Worlds Apart and Into The Fire, on the other hand, are directly about the attacks. I'd guess more than half the album was written after 9-11.

    The print and TV ads haven't played up the 9-11 references at all, which is good for Sony I suppose, but I'm sure that the press kits are loaded with 9-11 references.

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