[Spoiler: LA-ORL] Filth envy

Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by Trudge, Jul 30, 2018.

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    I was bored last night and saw the Galaxy vs Orlando game was coming on, so I tuned in. Defensively, it was a shit-show, but what a fun game to watch. Two teams going for 3 points, with attacking talent on display. Zlatan scores a hat trick and does his best impression of "The Savior". Orlando taking the lead 3 times, the Galaxy battling back every time until a magnificent winner, once gain by Ibra. Dwyer was a constant threat to get in behind the LA defense. At one point in the second half the commentators stated there had been 43 shots taken and the game wasn't over.

    Sure made me wish we had an ownership willing to spend money on players and a coach willing to attack.
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    Well, look at it this way; we have the thrill of seeing if we can do better than some of the all-time worst MLS teams!
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    I know i know. Zlatan has far exceeded expectations. I’m starting to watch Galaxy games just to watch him.

    And besides, our game this Sat versus FC Dallas is not even in the Uverse schedule yet. Nobody cares if we even play.
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    Age notwithstanding , Ibra is way above anyone in this league. Anyone who knew and followed him in the last 10-15 years, will tell you that. Too bad he didn’t come at age 31 instead of going to PSG as he could have been a real owner/investor as opposed to Beckham...

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