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    Jul 23, 2002
    i play midfield for my hs team and we got 3 forwards who are good on headers. The other day my coach told me to start crossing the ball into the air instead of passing on the ground. Can someone please tell me a good way to exeucte crosses. And can someone tell me how to put spin on the ball cuz my backup can do it pretty well and i dont want to lose my spot.
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    well im assumin that those forward will be play more in the middle and youll be running up the side. So bassically just run the sides and put the ball in front of you and get your foot under the ball and put power on it and thats it.Keep practicin it and you will get it down.I dont no how to even begin on explaining putting spin on the ball.
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    There are a lot of kinds of crosses and what part of the field to cross is another issue.

    Let's first talk about crossing at the byline. Why is that a good cross? No offside is the main reason. Another it gives your support more time to get closer to the goal you want to score on.

    The main issue on this cross is you want the cross to stay inside the field. Then you have a chance to score. If it goes over the byline you have no chance to score. So you practice the timing of that cross so it is at the byline. If the ball goes over the line a little make the cross any way let the official decide if it was on the field or off.

    If the dribbler is covered close he has little chance of getting the ball over his defender. That is the first defender any kind of cross you make has to get by around, or underneath or over first defender for a team mate to score on. When you are close to byline on your attempt most likely if that first defender blocks the shot you have at least the chance of getting a corner kick out of it.

    How to make a good cross? If the ball is on your far side shoulder to the goal you will never make the cross unless your that tall French Bald guy Zidane.

    Very few players can do that. So you should touch the ball onto your near shoulder just before you cross. Your near non kicking foot positioning towards the goal. Then as you strike the ball you turn your hip and kicking foot so when you land that kicking foot you are square with your target player (facing your target player). The ball will now be moving away from the opponents goal if the receiver is further back as he should be.

    So if your a pretty good player you can cross a ball on your near shoulder or even when a ball is in the middle of your shoulders by using a quick pivot and turn into your target. At older levels you want that cross moving a little beyond the penalty spot.

    Team mate positioning on the cross. The first guy down moves to the near post. That may also draw the keeper. So if the first near post receiver can't play it will run past the keeper hopefully. To the second receiver if there is a second receiver who is further back, and near the center of goal. He can't get it you have a chance for a third receiver even further back on the far post. So all three players if you have that many up at least have a chance to score or redirect the ball. The near post receiver can even dummy the ball, and let it go through or he can redirect to the far post or score on near post.
    A dangerous cross for a 10 yr. old or a 30 yr. old could also be a cut back on the ground pass from the "Goal Line" which also moves away from the keeper.
    Another dangerous cross can be made further back beyond the area in the offensive third of the field. This is an on the ground cross behind the first defender, and behind the other retreating backs. So you don't have to always worry about airing a cross. What make it dangerous it is the cross is coming from the defenders blind side behind them. So you can have one receiver, and he can beat three defenders to the ball because he can see the pass coming all the way the defenders can't.
    Another kind of cross is from the back in your defensive third of the field. This is good for a wing mid or a wing back to make. Example right side player a back or mid crossing to a left side attacker the far side attacker.
    In most cases your not going to have a defender right on your shoulder when you make this kind of cross. That makes it an appealing play (an Agoos cross :).



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