Spanish football groups of hooligans

Discussion in 'Spain' started by Thriller, Oct 10, 2003.

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    Jan 7, 2003
    Following one step b

    Atlético de Madrid: "Frente Atlético" (Ultra Derecha)
    Real Madrid: "Los Ultra Sur" (Ultra Derecha)
    Barcelona: "Boixos Nois" (Nazismo catalán)
    Athletic club: "Herri Norte" (Independentistas)
    Real Betis: "Supporters Sur" (Ultra derecha)
    Celta de Vigo: "Celtarras" (Extrema izquierda)
    Deportivo la Coruña: "Riazor Blues" (Extrema izquierda)
    Espanyol: "Brigadas Blanquiazules" (Ultra derecha)
    Real Sociedad: "Peña Mujika" (Independentista)
    Sevilla: "Biris" (Apolíticos)
    Valencia: "Yomus" (Ultraderecha)
    Zaragoza: "Ligallo Fondo Norte" (ultra derecha)
    Osasuna: "Indar Gorri" (Independentista)
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    Add Malaga: Frente Bokeron to that list. They aren't politically aligned, as far as I know, and I wouldn't necessarily consider them hooligans, but they clash with the Biris from Sevilla every time they are in town.

    For Malaga, they are the largest and most vocal supporters group, although I didn't see any violence from them outside of a couple of incidents at a Sevilla match. They are probably known better for their fondness for smoking chocolate, but there are plenty of hooligans who enjoy that...
  3. Heliopolis

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    Sep 26, 2003
    Their actual name is "Supporters Gol Sur" since they stand in the southern section "gol sur" of the stadium behind one of the goals.

    These guys are a black eye to all Beticos and Sr. Lopera can thank them and himself for the various closures and fines that the RFEF have levied against Betis. Until he disassociates himself with these imbeciles and prohibits them from entering the stadium to watch a match they will continue to cause problems and incidents. One only has to look at last years Derby where the Biris and SGS went at it each other like animals in the city a couple of days before the game. What a disgraceful display. Although the group supports Betis they never police up the chorizos that join so they can use the excuse of attending a game to pummel other fans and supporters from visiting teams.


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