Southampton vs Spurs, Sat, March 18th, 11 am ET

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    Astonishing. First Milan, now this. To say all that in public, you're just asking to be fired. Imagine if any of us were asked to comment about our employer and answered in similar terms.

    Much of it was justified. But you say all of that in the dressing room, or to Levy directly. By going public he makes us a laughing stock. He's making Mourinho look good.

    The impact of this is worse than the result, far worse.
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    LOL… Conte just calling out the club culture bs for what it is. First time in his career he’s encountered this as bad as it is and he sounds genuinely irritated by it. Can’t blame him, he’s done and has nothing to lose might as well light a match on the way out. Anybody who has remotely worked in a shite corporate political cluster fk can relate.

    His comments on the players do echo a bit of what Mourinho made clear… Nice guys but they don’t have the killer instinct, the fire, the professional desire and the do whatever it takes for the badge every minute of every game. Tottenham is a good place to go through the motions and pick up a check.

    Blanket statement about selfishness that probably doesn’t apply to everyone at all times (Son’s pass to Porro for that goal was certainly not selfish) but he’s talking big picture overall, day to day. Individuals not a team unit, clocking in, picking up the check and clocking out with no care beyond that.

    Big time club culture issue that has to be fixed and won’t change as long as Levy is there. The fans know it, the players know it and exploit it to their benefit and Conte just called everyone out on it.
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    Fine, so long as he fcks off. 'Cause anybody who has remotely worked in a shite corporate political cluster fk who actually lights that match does NOT show up for work, then, come Monday.
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    But if he's sacked he can continue to collect his money AND claim martyrdom.
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    Those are the benefits of having ******** You Money (and knowing you will get ******** You Money from someone else).
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    We have conceded 40 goals in the PL after 28 games. We conceded 40 all last season and that was with the Nuno disaster after the first 10 games.

    We have conceded the most goals among any team in the top 12.

    Yet we keep buying midfielders the manager doesn't want.

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