South Korea in LA in January?

Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by cleansheetbsc, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. cleansheetbsc

    cleansheetbsc Member+

    Mar 17, 2004
  2. Riverdale Goalie

    Riverdale Goalie New Member

    May 12, 2001
    Bowie MD

    I always thought the next time we played them, we should do a Roy Jones simulation when we score. Might not have the same effect since it was 16 years ago though...
  3. Adam Zebrowski

    Adam Zebrowski New Member

    May 28, 1999
    didn't south korea get their fair share of match fixing during wc'2002??
  4. FC Tallavana

    FC Tallavana Member+

    Jul 1, 2004
    La Quinta
    How many times are we gonna play these guys?!?

  5. CbR

    CbR Member

    Nov 10, 2000
    Bergen County NJ
    if alot of koreans come out for the game thats just more cash for the USSF. In reality thats the real reason for these types of games.

    I'd much rather play hard nosed eastern european teams (croatia,romania,serbia-montenegro, even greece) since odds are we're gonna have to eventually face one in Germany
  6. SoulflyTribeFC

    SoulflyTribeFC New Member

    Mar 24, 2002
    They probably will but nobody will care. Nobody cared about the speed skater the last time around, nobody will care about this. Just sore cause we won the medal.

    This might not be the best opponent but it could be worse. Would you rather have Korea or El Salvador?
  7. nxttc

    nxttc Member+

    Jul 14, 2004
    whatever, they'll do gymnastics all over the pitch just for you guys.
    just remember, korea has never lost to the united states in soccer. all time record...5 wins, 2 draws, 0 losses. which, to me, seems like a good record against an opponent. goals...10 for korea, 5 for the united states
  8. nxttc

    nxttc Member+

    Jul 14, 2004
    hmm...must of missed that on i'll check again
  9. scaryice

    scaryice Member

    Jan 25, 2001
    2-1 in the 2002 Gold Cup.
  10. nxttc

    nxttc Member+

    Jul 14, 2004
    ah yes...missed that line...
    thanks for the one loss.
    but either way, it's still a good record.
  11. numerista

    numerista New Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    Here's our full history against South Korea...

    1987: L 1-0 in Pusan
    1989: L 2-1 in LA
    1994: D 1-1 in Fullerton
    2001: L 1-0 in Seogwipo (all-MLS team)
    2002: W 2-1 in Pasadena (mostly MLS team)
    2002: T 1-1 in Daegu

    Sam's Army also lists a 1-0 US win in 1994, but that wasn't an official match.
  12. SoulflyTribeFC

    SoulflyTribeFC New Member

    Mar 24, 2002
    Beasley with the game-winner in stoppage time. Great goal, good game.

    I wouldn't say that Korea has our number, though. We tied them in their own country at the World Cup, something that Italy, Spain (okay, technically they did) and Portugal couldn't do.
  13. nxttc

    nxttc Member+

    Jul 14, 2004
    Full list of results from the Korean national team's website...
    1956: Korea 1-0 USA (friendly)
    1983: Korea 2-0 USA (Presidents Cup)
    1987: Korea 1-0 USA (Presidents Cup)
    1988: Korea 0-0 USA (Olympics)
    1989: USA 1-2 Korea (Marlboro Cup)
    1994: USA 1-0 Korea (friendly)
    1994: USA 1-1 Korea (friendly)
    2001: Korea 1-0 USA (friendly)
    2002: USA 2-1 Korea (Gold Cup)
    2002: Korea 1-1 USA (World Cup)
  14. K:thecore

    K:thecore Member+

    May 20, 2002
    Arsenal FC
    Guess you didnt watch the game against Korea in 2002 very well. Even though it ended in a tie...I think youd be hard pressed to convince anyone that Korea was nothing but dominant in that game.

    This one will be interesting because both side will be featuring "scrubs" most likely.
  15. numerista

    numerista New Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    South Korea was gifted a penalty kick and allowed free rein to mug US players and still couldn't come away with a win.
  16. Shaster

    Shaster Member+

    Apr 13, 1999
    El Cerrito, CA, USA
    Actually, South Korea, Japan and Iran are all good teams.

    Japan probably has best midfield and most technical and tactical among three of them, but Japan lacks the physical tools and also not mentally strong. Japan also lacks good strikers and good defenders.

    Iran has the physical tool and great indivudual players. But it cannot consistently perform as a team. Iran's strikers are pretty good, but midfield and defense are not great.

    South Korea actually has more balance on the team. Good physical, good team spirit, and good orginazation. In same way, South Korea is similar like US on team qualities. They have some good young midfielders--such as Park JS of PSV and Lee CS (in La Liga). Also the left back Lee YP in PSV is also a pretty good player. Its defense could be a problem and its strikers are OK but not great.

    I would put US as in same class with these three teams, but the US youth are in better shape than all of them. In 2003 WYC, US U-20 is much better than Korean U-20, and is closing to Argentina and Brazil (of course, not there yet).
  17. Shaster

    Shaster Member+

    Apr 13, 1999
    El Cerrito, CA, USA
    Don't agree.

    South Korea deployed a 3-4-3 formation. With the good conditioning of South Korean players, it plays a high pressure game and creating numbers superority in the areas. In this formation, the defense line needs to be high, and because only 4 midfielders, so when they are losing the ball, they need to foul right away to stop the play to allow their players get back on line. Also it never hurt as the host, you can get away little bit with fouling.

    In attacking USA, Hiddink recongnized the US's defense weakness is the slowness of Agoos, so they tried to explore the seam between Pope/Agoos and Hedjuk/Agoos. So when Korean attacker pulls back, Agoos cannot really mark him tie because an overhead ball will beat him with the foot speed. In that case, Agoos has to stay back, so Korean attacker can easily to receive the ball and dish off it to on-rushing midfielders. That is the trouble US defense faces.

    In US side, I think Arena made a mistake by putting Mathis on the forward (of course, Mathis did score). In that case, US loses the speed of Donovan or Wolff to threaten Korean goal if it plays defense line high. Because Mathis didn't have good workrate (as McBride) to pressure Korean players, US is constantly outnumbered in the midfield battle. Playing Reyna and JOB who are very polished players but lacks the bites of Mastro also tip the midfield battle in favior of Korea. Playing Donovan in the right, takes off the combination with Beasley and he also did give good defensive support on the right wing.

    Even that US still create good counter attack chances, and Donovan wasted a good one in the 70 minutes that would break Korea's back. But if the game is playing today, with someone such as GAM on the top or fast defenders such as Boca, Gibbs, Onyewu on the back, US will have a good chance to beat this kind of strategy.
  18. picaraza

    picaraza New Member

    Jul 27, 2003
    You have included matches in which the Koreans fielded their senior sides and the Americans did not-- 1956 and 1983.

    Also, the Olympic Games? No; that one shouldn't be included any more that competitions between our youth sides should be.
  19. numerista

    numerista New Member

    Mar 21, 2004
    We would've been outnumbered in midfield in any case. A big factor in the Korea game -- in stark contrast to Portugal -- was that McBride couldn't help us get the ball forward because he was constantly being pummeled by the Korean defenders.


    Bruce and Dave were indignant ... Mooch? Still trying to figure it out.

    ... but as with your criticism of Mathis, you have to look at where the US goal came from: Reyna made a dummy run to pull a defender away from O'Brien, and JOB surged forward and found Mathis in the box. Because we had a pair of skilled central midfielders, Korea wasn't able to swarm around a single focal point.
  20. Bob Morocco

    Bob Morocco Member+

    Aug 11, 2003
    Billings, MT
    Could be an entertaining pretty even game. I think I heard Korea will only be bringing in K-League guys. If that's the case and Bruce brings our best MLS guys, maybe plus Casey, Gooch, Convey, and Lewis Korea goes down by two goals, all MLS lineup:

  21. Shaster

    Shaster Member+

    Apr 13, 1999
    El Cerrito, CA, USA
    Not totally agree. McBride still win the same percentage of the headers as in Portugal game, but Mathis didn't do as much as runoff as Donovan did. Of course, Mathis is a great goal scorer and he did score, but he didn't add too much other things on the field in that game. In US goal, with a deflection going US way, JOB is able to break from the midfield (this is the problem with Korean's 3-4-3, when they are losing a one vs. one in midfield, they have to foul to stop the flow to regain the shape) and Korean's defense is out of shape. Reyna did another one about 70 minutes, and Donovan failed to finish. But the real problem going to Bruce, he should take off Mathis around 60 minutes and sub in Mastronei. In that case, Reyna can shift to the right to have 4-4-1-1 by moving Donovan up.
  22. GIO17

    GIO17 Member

    Nov 29, 1998
    You also forgot that South Korea was a man down at the time Mathis scored because of an injury and the Korean trainers were fixing a headband bandage, on the player whose name I have forgotton at the moment.
  23. nxttc

    nxttc Member+

    Jul 14, 2004
    it didn't matter which side they fielded back then. olympic and senior sides were the same back then; there were no age restrictions.

    the olympics only recently went to an u-23 format as it didn't want to become the poor man's world cup.
  24. nxttc

    nxttc Member+

    Jul 14, 2004
    who is this GAM person?
  25. Bob Morocco

    Bob Morocco Member+

    Aug 11, 2003
    Billings, MT
    Weren't they only open to amatures?

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