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    While he wouldn't be one of my top 5 choices, I'd be happy to have him as he would bring results, even if it would be with a rather bland brand of soccer. It seems as though he hasn't quite gone so far as to say he's not interested ... hmmm.

    Reading between the lines it sounds as though he is interested, at least in hearing any prospective offers.

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    Souness plays good football at Blackburn, they're a passing team, but last season they were a bit too reliant on Tugay to spread the play. Their performance in the UEFA cup first leg against Celtic was superb, great ball possession and good use of wingers.

    Certainly Souness would put together a more attractive team than O'Neill. Although O'Neill is a better tactician and motivator.

    Blackburn won't let him go though, and certainly not without a fortune in compensation, and we're not really allowed to poach him during the season under the 'Gentlemen's Agreement'.

    Why would Souness leave them for us? I think after the Duff incident and the gradual end of the Walker money, it's pretty clear that Blackburn have hit their peak. All he can realistically do is tread water or even head backwards. At Spurs the only way is up and we have a lot more financial muscle and potential. That's not to say he'll be begging to leave Blackburn for us by any means, but if we made a strong approach for him with some solid assurances on control and spending money, then I think he would do it.

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