Souness: Cole-Yorke coming along nicely

Discussion in 'Blackburn Rovers' started by BrianCappellieri, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. BrianCappellieri

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    Feb 11, 2002
    The new Blackburn strike force of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke is being tipped as a potent partnership by manager Graeme Souness.
    Souness believes the pair are showing signs of re-developing the understanding they had at Old Trafford following Rovers' landslide victory over a combined FC Amberg and DJK Ammerthal side on Saturday.

    "Dwight and Andy definitely look to be getting to know each other again," Souness said after the game.

    "I think Dwight showed on Saturday that he is still very fit. He has worked hard for both United and us in pre-season and you can see that in his football."

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  2. Doctor Stamen

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    Nov 14, 2001
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    But what about Jansen ???. Although he's out for the first few games, he's far too good to be a bench warmer.
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    It seems like with all the cups in England, plus the UEFA cup, that Duff and Jansen will see ample time up top. Being a new Rovers fan, I didn't get to see Jansen play last year, but does he have midfield experience at all??

    I think any team that hopes to do well in Europe and its league needs 4 or 5 reliable strikers. Rovers has that now. Plus, Grabbi...who is a good 5th option.
  4. Doctor Stamen

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    Nov 14, 2001
    In a bag with a cat.
    Jansen has played in many roles. I think he played in the 'hole' (oo-er ! ;)) like Sheringham or ZZ whilst at Carlisle and Palace. He has also played on the wing on occaision, and has even played as a holding striker like Quinn or Mark Hughes !.

    I think we have enough decent strikers, or makeshift strikers like Duff (who's primarily a left winger) to cope. jansen is not the sort to throw his rattle out of the pram like, say, Van Hoojidonk or Ravanelli if things aren't going his way.

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