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    I'd assume they'd use the soccer stadiums because of the pitch sizes and of course, costs.

    As if the poor pitch at the HDC could take any more pounding. But revenue is good. Five of the seven cities have soccer stadiums (Philadelphia's is being built).

    Jacksonville does too, actually.

    If it takes off it might be good for soccer overall. Soccer isn't going to win over ardent NFL fans, but league might, and that might be good for MLS and USL teams to get potential stadiums funded if they can go along with a rugby league team.
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    Jun 2, 2004
    rugby like American football destroys the pitch. Not to mention the lines.
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    That would be awesome, it would be good if they got a tv deal like through Setanta it would make perfect sense for them since they also own stations in Australia and the UK
    I would say rugby would destroy the ground more than Ameriacn football but the line markings should not be that big of a problem as rugby marking on the field by either rugby codes are not that thick compared to American football, I know in Australia they have grounds where they play Rugby league, Rugby Union and soccer on them sometimes just days apart and the lines are never a problem.
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    Rugby league? No. Get rugby union a real league. Rugby union is true rugby, not this rugby league stuff. This title got my hopes up that there would be a rugby union league in the US.
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    Jun 2, 2004
    i don't see how this benefits soccer in general to bring more entertainment competition. in the u.s. the's nfl, nba, college. you want more comp? plus they ruin your field. i mean yeah if all you want is a rent paying tenant fine but then the game suffers cause nobody can play right on a bad field. to me it doesn't help. plus i've got little interest in rugby.
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    Rubgy union is terrible compared to League. In Union, the ball can stay with the forwards pushing it a yard for about 5 minutes. In League, it is very fast play, running the ball through the hands and making penatrating runs. Quite an enjoyable game, but I who is possibly going to play in this league, as traditional rugby countrymen are hardly going to play, adn the US doesn't exactly have a rugby infastructure.
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    Let's not forget Union has been tried and failed in this country. League IMO has a better chance of success because of it's greater speed, less stoppages, and similarity to American Football; I hope it's sold that way, there are SO many am football players in this country, with good coaching there's a huge ready made player pool just sitting there. I think this is great.
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    Can we move this League vs. Union debate to BigRugby, because I don't have a clue what you are talking about.
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    Rugby League teams here in Australia play on the same grounds as football clubs, most of the time there are no problems at all, a lot of this is because League and union are played during winter here and footy in the summer, but give a pitch 3 days here after a rugby league game and it will be good enough for a football game. Of course again, there have been occasions like where grounds have been AWFUL, but a lot of that is from Rugby Union because of the scrums they do when they dig into the grass you find pot hole like ditches in the grass. Then again, a 'decent' footy pitch here in Australia would be deemed unacceptable in USA tbh.

    I don't like either Rugby too much, but as a neutral i think Rugby League is a good product and could go well in USA. Union is a snorefest
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    Dec 23, 2005
    I'd have thought Union would do more damage to the pitch with all the scrums and rucks.

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