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    obviously not the right place, but the women's forum is too quiet tonight and i need help right away- the semifinal scedules on fifa vs. ussoccer sites appear different, and i can't seem to wrap my mind around the possible pairings...if there are no surprises, who would the us play in the semis, and could we see another us-china final? thanks.
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    Sep 25, 2000
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    Thread moved to 2003 WWC.

    The tournament was set up for a USA-China final.

    If you look here, without surprises you would expect the USA to finish 1st in group A, pitting them against the second team from group B, either Brasil or Norway, take your pick.

    Winner of that plays the first team from group C (likely Germany) or the second team from group D (likely Ghana). So if the USA beats Brasil in the quarters, it would face (say) Germany in the semis.

    China (assuming a group win) faces the 2nd group C team, likely Canada (or Arg). A win there would put them against the winner of Nigeria (second team in the USA's A group) versus the other of Brasil/Norway that finished first in group and thusly avoided playing the US in the quarters. So, say China plays Canada, wins and plays Norway for a spot in the final.

    China, I think was given an easier draw, with the US having to play Nigeria in group then Brasil/Norway, and Germany to make the final. China has to play Ghana in the group (good, but still no Nigeria) then Brasil/Norway and Canada. Sort of even, but a bit easier on China I think. We'll see.

    Hopefully I did that correctly.
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    Nov 5, 1999
    Hoboken, USA
    thanks- that's helpful. was just confused that the ussoccer site has game 26 BEFORE 25...

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