Something good about the season: Our defense

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Hezbolt, Aug 15, 2002.

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    Jun 4, 2001
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    Something good about the season

    Hey I feel like the rest of you, but we do have something we can be happy about.....

    There is only one team in the league that has given up fewer goals and that is SJ. We have the 2nd lowest goals against.

    There is a reason for that...we have a great defense (something that was no existant for the previous 2 season) and we are play very well (with the exception of not scoring).

    I realize that I am digging for something to brighten the day. But everyone knows what we need, wether we get it or not this season is another story. But I am getting depressed reading all this stuff and I don't like being depressed.

    So from now on for the rest of the season I am going to celebrate anything good I can find and try to forget the horror of anything else (like the Gods of Soccer being unfairly merciless in there treatment of us).

    That said, let's take something from "kelly's hero's"

    enough with the negative vibes, think positive baby, and good things will happen

    I realize that this is not accurate, but the point is the same. Hey what can it hurt?????
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    May 25, 1999
    I was just thinking about this yesterday. You're quite right that our defense is solid and that is something that we can take away from this season.

    And you actually have to give Ray & Co. some credit here. He was responsible from bringing in some (but not all) of our current defense.

    Give him credit for Rimando and Prideaux. McKinley? Well, it's better now that he's moved more into the midfield but I've never been impressed with him. And bringing back Williams? I'm not a Richie fan.

    The two question marks for me are Reyes and Nelsen. These were two guys that Ray basically inherited. Nelsen had yet to come into his own and Reyes was new and had to adjust to a different sort of league. Both have become exceptional players this year. Is that luck or Ray's coahing? I don't know.

    And lastly there's Pope. For the first time in recent memory he was out of the DC United lineup for non-injury related reasons. Sure we lost him for the WC but he came back sharper than he's been in very many years.

    My only real concern with the defense is depth. Things drop off quickly when you look to the bench. Do we even have a bench here? Or did we trade them to teams on which they're now starting? (Ziadie etc.)

    Now if only the midfield and offense were up to par with the defense ...

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