Something at DCU to be emulated.

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by packy, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. packy

    packy Member

    Mar 21, 1999
    DC United's youth program looks first class and professional. Something that should be emulated in the vast NY/NJ area for long term marketing and team building reasons. Good article at

    Anyone know how the youth Metro Black are developing?
  2. Flash

    Flash New Member

    I doubt you'll ever see something like that at Metro, at least with the current management...they seem to have it damn well organized down there, though...
  3. Metrosuccess

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    Jan 6, 2000
    New York Red Bulls
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    United States
    From day one their draft and discovery type players were the best young players they could find. Their plan was to develop good young talent and be patient. Seems like the way to go but need a strong confident GM and Coach to pull it off as is a long term commitment.
  4. Flash

    Flash New Member

    A good GM? A good coach? Maybe when we move to Harrison...
  5. metrocorazon

    metrocorazon Member

    May 14, 2000
  6. packy

    packy Member

    Mar 21, 1999
    Surely you jest. The MetroStars Soccer Academy does not begin to approach the the array of teams, the competition and yhe structure of the DCU effort.
  7. PSUdude

    PSUdude New Member

    Dec 15, 1998
    Elmhurst, Queens, NY

    a girls team...I see they are looking for the future Ben Olsen...Or Marco's next girlfriend
  8. metrocorazon

    metrocorazon Member

    May 14, 2000
    Thats because it just started this spring.
  9. comrade

    comrade New Member

    Aug 20, 2001
    Bill? Bill Shakespeare?
  10. Th4119

    Th4119 Member

    Jul 26, 2001
    Annandale, VA
    DC United is currently trying everything they can to break out of the scoring slump...

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