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Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by ETSC, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Jul 5, 2004
    Must be a sign of the apocolypse. Boers and Bernstein actully did a hunk on the Fire doubleheader. Boers is Franklin Foer's insecure baseball fan\soccer hater but was shocked at the turnout at O'Hare for RM. Dan did a "what is a Chivas" call-in bit and proceeded to out Mike Mulligan as a closet soccer case.

    I don't don't mind that the talk sports stations don't do soccer (audience is for it is pretty small and based on other sports coverage the repetitive mindless drivel would be bigsoccer X 10,000) but since the Fire buy ad time could they at least mention last nights score and tonight\weekends game on the updates? The news\weather\sports rip and readers on the FM stations mention the Fire more often than the "sports talk" radio stations.
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    Doug Buffone actually talked about how his kids play soccer and he actually played in a charity bears vs. sting game at SF. He was giving soccer players props for being in such great shape. He said he thought he was in good shape until he was trying to call for a timeout after 5 minutes. One thing the Real Madrid game did was get people talking about soccer. Negative or positive it brought soccer into everyone's consciousness. Mulligan has a very strong knowledge of the game and is a fan. I wish he would write a few more columns about soccer.
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    Mully was quite the player in his younger days as well. He really is a big fan but has to conform to WSCR's limits on soccer talk (which is zilch!). Fred Huebner catches a lot of crap on the air because he's a big soccer fan (his station nickname for many years was Freddy Umbro). Back in '98, he would host Sunday night shows where he'd squeeze in an hour of soccer talk. I'd love for the station to put Mully & Fred Huebner together for a one hour taped weekly show. It really is a shame that we have two great fans of the sport on the same station but they are muzzled.

    Dan & Terry talking soccer? Sorry I missed that. Back in the old days I'd always give Terry a hard time about soccer coverage ... telling him that he was a closet soccer fan and such. When the '94 World Cup came to town, Terry made the crack that all the goat herders would converge on Chicago. For many years, I called my fantasy teams (in footy and all sports) Chivas de Boers. Damn wish I had listened to that show.

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