Soccer Off-Hand, and Positive

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by maverick, Sep 6, 2002.

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    From Michael Ventre, a list of "off the cuff" observations -- quite amusing:

    Two are soccer related -- funny, but not side-splitting like some of the others:

    "World Cup star Ronaldo of Brazil said he was happy as a member of Inter Milan and had no intention whatsoever of jumping to Real Madrid. Then he left Inter Milan and jumped to Real Madrid. Hmmm. Maybe soccer is ready to be accepted in the United States after all."

    "Fans of the soccer team Lazio rioted outside Rome’s Olympic Stadium, setting police cars on fire, stabbing fans from a rival team and ransacking offices to protest the transfer of two star players to other clubs. Witnesses said the scene was almost as frightening as when beer sales are halted in the final minutes of a Philadelphia Eagles home game."

    What I notice is the respect he gives soccer, by drawing parallels comfortably with the problems/issues confronting the NFL, NBA, etc. (with respect to fan violence, free agent musical chairs, and more).

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