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Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by Fanaddict, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Brad Engel's column from the Naperville sun. I'm not sure why but his atricles are often hard to find online and I don't think they show up in google news alerts or I think they would probably be up here more often. Anyway, he was the one that wrote articles on the Fire for the local paper when they played in Naperville and he still writes good articles regularly. I would like to see more of his articles posted here. He is in a similar vein to Not-nate. Rarely has errors, often has something interesting to say.
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    I will try to make sure I look to see if he has any soccer articles from now on. Thanks.
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    2. Who would you like to have from their team and why?

    Evan (New England): Peter Wilt, because he appreciates that overall success is determined by much more than simply respecting the bottom line
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    Oops. Posted this in the wrong thread ealier:

    McDill printed emails from people on why attendance has not been so great this year. Reasons ranging from 'Traffic, Soldier Field sucks, parking, lack of talent, Wilt being fired, and quality of MLS play compared to Euro.'

    Doesn't appear to be online.

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