Soccer is indeed universal!

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    See, we ARE God's favorites. Now to prove that he's a DC fan.........
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    "No soccer ball, no doughnuts, no bagels,"

    And let the witty headlines and play on words begin.

    Astro-boffins mull football theory
    The Age - October 9, 2003

    A team of astrophysicists have taken a kick at the conventional view that the Universe is flat and endless, suggesting instead that the cosmos is shaped like... a football.

    Universe is shaped like a football, says scientist
    by ALOK JHA, Science correspondent
    The Guardian - October 9, 2003,3604,1058868,00.html

    It is a question which has been kicking about for thousands of years: is our universe infinite? Today, scientists have announced the most compelling evidence yet which suggests that, not only is it finite, but it may be the shape of a football.

    Scientists calculate shape of cosmos
    CBC News - October 8, 2003

    CANTON, N.Y. - If you feel like you've been kicked around in life, maybe it's because you live in a big soccer ball.


    And just that quickly we're being told that this theory is already close to being proved wrong . . . but the play on words continue.

    Cosmic Soccer Ball? Theory Already Takes Sharp Kicks
    NY Times - October 9, 2003

    In an unusual logjam of contradictory claims, a revolutionary new model of the universe, as a soccer ball, arrives on astronomers' desks this morning at least slightly deflated.

    Are we inside a big soccer ball?
    Scientists' report says universe resembles a 12-sided hall of mirrors

    by DENNIS OVERBYE (New York Times)
    The Charlotte Observer - October 9, 2003

    But other astronomers, including a group led by Dr. David Spergel of Princeton University in New Jersey, said that a continuing analysis of the same data had probably already ruled out the soccer ball universe.

    The study, about two-thirds complete, had already eliminated many simple models of so-called "small universes," including a dodecahedron, when the Nature paper hit their desks last week, Spergel said.

    "No soccer ball, no doughnuts, no bagels," he said.
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    Mar 22, 2001
    Harrisburg, PA
    Liverpool FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Problem: American footballs are shaped like rugby balls

    Maybe it was all a publicity stunt.

    Football crazy
    The world is just a great, big on
    ion. Or football, if you like
    MegaStar - October 9, 2003

    “It’s a question that’s been kicking about for thousands of years,” according to Alok Jha, the Guardian’s science correspondent.

    The question to which he refers is, of course: is our universe infinite?

    Scientist Jeff Watts believes he has found the answer, and in the process, he has cracked another problem: how can I get lots of publicity for my project?

    The answer to the latter problem is simple: make sure you contrive a connection, however tenuous, with the f-word.

    This he has duly done – hence the relatively prominent position of the story, and its sexy headline: “Universe is shaped like a football, says scientist”.

    But there is a problem. Watts is based in New York, and American footballs are shaped like rugby balls.

    His model resembles a soccer ball, which gets you page six of the Guardian, but is unlikely to excite the New York Times.

    Back to the drawing board, guys.
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    Jul 28, 2003
    Honestly people. You are the 4th person to put that same topic on here.
  5. Hey, we are talking about soccer here!
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    It is one of those things you know subconsciencly(sic) but now I know for sure this was meant be it is no, (football) the truth

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